HP Pavilion Dual Core Media Center PC

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New HP Pavilion Dual Core Media Center PC, for $599.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Pavilion M8300F Dual Core Athlon 6000+, 3GB RAM, 640GB HD, DL-DVDRW, ATSC/NTSC, Vista Home Prem

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It’s alright.

would this also be a good gaming pc if i added a nvidia 9800 gt?

wow. pretty good reviews on Amazon. 4 stars.

seems like a good deal, but I still havent plugged in the last desktop puter I got from woot, so I definately dont need another one


This doesn’t come with a monitor? Oh well, it looks nice anyways.
I have a Media Center PC and it’s great for streaming stuff to by Xbox so I don’t have to burn my movies onto a DVD.

The specs seem pretty nice as well, it beats my computer, which I paid 1500$ for, not including the Monitor.

You would be better off adding an ATI 4850 but yes, it would be a very solid gaming rig with a double personality as a Media Center computer (HDTV tuner after all). You would need to remove the Nvidia drivers from Onboard video and install the ATI ones and make sure the power supply would be sufficient to power all the devices. I would worry about the PSU in the circumstance because HP is known to include very questionable quality PSUs.

I see no mention of DVI or HDMI…anyone know if it comes with either?

will this run 64 bit windows? I don’t see anything about it in the description other than it comes with 32 bit

I don’t trust HP anymore…I don’t really trust any computer company anymore, I just build my own, it’s really not all that difficult. Great price otherwise though.

The picture shows no DVI out! WTF!

No one wants an HP and no one wants an AMD.

PS. No one wants a Gateway either.

How about some Dells or Alienwares?

How about a Wacom?

yea it’ll run 64 bit if you install it on there.

I own this PC, paid $1000 for it in February. I like it. The HDTV tuner doesn’t do QAM, only ATSC.


Yes, but you may need another power source for the graphics card.
Some companies make models that pop into CD bay/5.25 inch slots, so check out one of those.

motherboard specs

my brother needs a new PC, going to recommend this

Aww… was looking for a new computer on woot but this one is just so-so on specs to savings. I could just build a new one for less and pop in my 8800 GTX.