HP Pavilion Dual Core Media Center PC

Not a bad puter for the price

Need a laptop not a desktop…

It’s amazing how grown professionals degenerate into teenage kids during the hours of a wootoff. Loss of morals, loss of maturity, loss of…oh hell…want to see t i t t i e s please!

I have this, love it and am wooting on it right now.

Lame lame lame lame…

Way to expensive for this!

i just pooped on my own chest… how is that possible

Can I make a MythTV out of this without altering hardware?

Not bad, since it is new, BUT you can get a better machine at the same or better price off eCOST.com

I would have bought this if only it fit on a shelf, played CDs, and came with speakers. Too bad.

This is $529 at HP.com. WHazzup with dat?

Hope they only have one

Whoa what kind of tv tuner card is that, does it have three cable antennas? is that for special PIP use, or so you can connect it to three tvs at once.

Anyone want to trade a brand new 3x Posthumous Pale Ale Woot Tee for any other Random Tee that you didn’t like? Message me if you do.

1st. dont even try to step to this.

Where’s the last gen Macbook Pro for lets say $599?

Maybe if it had HDMI…

makes you proud don’t it?



Wow, this thing is going FAST!

I dunno. I’m still happy with my commodore 64. If only they wooted a TRS80 !!!