HP Pavilion Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3” BrightView LED Display

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3" BrightView LED Display
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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On my phone, all I saw at first was a screen and “HP.”

Guess what I thought it was?

A rather limited Frooooogle!

how do AMD stack up to i Core processors nowadays? which i3 is this AMD Phenom II P650 equivalent to?

I have this laptop and its great! I bought a new sandy bridge i5 recently and find myself still prefer using this laptop! Great price too!

Bought this before, and it came with a broken screen. Took an hour with India support to finally say they’d “repair it”.

Woot claimed they didn’t have any left in the warehouse to replace it.

HP support is horrible to deal with. The quality of the refurbs is awful. The replacement took about 2 weeks, but initial shipment was a week. 3 weeks from my order date to having an actual working laptop.
I can’t say anything good about this computer. Too large and bulky, and the integrated touchpad takes a bit to get used to. Not very ergo friendly, nor comfortable.
Wait for an i5 to go on sale. Avoid this computer if you can.

I want to buy this, but I bought a GPS from Woot a few weeks ago that was DOA(the 2nd product I have gotten DOA)…as were many that purchased the same deal. And being a refurb…I just don’t trust Woot anymore. Seems like they get the garbage.

This does seem like a good deal though.

Anyone know if the speakers are good quality? The best speakers I’ve seen so far have been the Harman Kardon speakers in an A-series Toshiba. I wonder how Toshiba would stack up to HP in this aspect…

Is this compatible with my Touchpad?

I hope you realize that we do not refurbish the products. The manufacturer does the refurbishing or contracts it out to a third-party vendor.

That said, I’m sorry for your problem with the GPS. I hope you contacted service for assistance.

My son has a similar model. It gets absurdly hot. I have had so many run ins with crappy over-heating HP laptops that I will never buy one again.

Every mobile HP device I’ve ever used has only done one thing well: overheat. I’m currently baking my nether regions with my old HP notebook right now.

Guess which brand I will never purchase again!

Bought this notebook new from HP a few years ago. The damned thing stopped working after two months! Sent it back for a refund. I will not buy another HP notebook. Who knows maybe the refurb you buy from woot today may be my old notebook.

Folks should just pass on this laptop. Every time Woot offeres it up, they lower the price by $50. It’s a refurb, bad keyboard design/layout/feel, poor design on the mousepad, and most importantly…HP soon won’t be supporting it’s consumer laptops. If you need a replacement part or repair during it’s warranty period, you will be lucky if you will be afforded with available parts and/or service.

Just save your money and buy an Acer or Asus. Also, there will be big Labor Day sales coming up soon. I got a 15.4" Sony Vaio for $379 (reg. price $549) at a local Frys Electronics store.

Equivalent or better laptops can be found for the same money or just a few dollars more.

Will this notebook be good for my mom? She will use it for her digital camera pictures, Skype, emailing and Facebook/Youtube video watching. Her laptop broke and I would like to buy her a new one.

this is slower then a first generation i3 the i3-330m

the i3-330m gets 1,965 on cpu benchmark
the p650 1,603 on cpu benckmark

Also for those wondering, hp has only stopped the webOS division (phones and tablets). They are still going to be making pc’s and supporting them

They aren’t stopping the webOS division but they have it on hold to decide weather to continue or sell to another company

CPU Benchmarks

I bought mine new for $409 at Sams and like it but my left mouse key is loose and I’ve been to lazy to have it repaired. All-around I’m happy with my purchase.

Like a spoiler made of cardboard.

Until Bulldozer comes around the only reason you get AMD these days is because you can’t afford Intel. And I say this as someone who loved the Athlon M.