HP Pavilion Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3” BrightView LED Display

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3" BrightView LED Display
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Its crazy how cheap laptops are now… i cant find any reviews but there are some parts for sale on google products

[Google Product Link](http://www.google.com/search?q=Pavilion G7-1113CL&tbm=shop)

1600 x 900 on a 17.3" Screen kills this otherwise good deal for me.

Is this the same one that was on moofi?

That doesn’t look too much like a button-nose to me…

Too many laptops/netbooks with AMD processors on woot.

How come like none of these refurbished computers have Intel chips?

wouldn’t you know it? it has an ethernet port!!!

My sister has run HP her whole life because her work sets her up with them… Her biggest complaint is the keyboards. The buttons are unresponsive sometimes and the layout is not as comfortable as other laptops. Not to mention the “intelligent” multi-use navigation pad is more annoying than it is intelligent.

I was just about to commit to playing the “buy-the-next-thing-for-sale-on-WootOff” game… ~whew~ Close call.

One down, 90% to go. Looking at about ten of these things.

PCmag.com likes it…

Revamped touchpad. Strong overall performance. Decent battery life. Two-year warranty.
A mixed bag of bloatware. No gaming capability.
Bottom Line
The HP Pavilion g7-1033cl laptops performs as well as the best of its budget priced peers, and while it’s not as cheap as some alternatives, Costco includes perks that more than make up for the difference in cost.

Read more here:

hey let’s take it easy on the quality products produced by amd

damn, things have been flying by- but settle in, i fear this one will be here for a while. [sigh]

Exactly…buy PC’s with Intel chips…

i beg to differ, 5 minutes tops

edit: Told you.

Gonna be sluggish after a while. Need at least an Intel Core i3.

Cuz people with AMD chips think their computer is malfunctioning when it is just the chip…

From experience with two other AMD PCs

If that…