HP Pavilion Elite Core Desktop with 27" LCD Monitor

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HP Pavilion Elite Core Desktop with 27" LCD Monitor
$849.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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much better

Thanks for the dinner break Woot!

There sure has been a ton of computers.

Yes, it all looks so Shiny and New. But…just like Mitsubishi TV, which has The Worst Repair Record, HP is Also now Made in Mexico.



Everything on this computer is top notch, except if you plan on gaming with this…

Be aware that you’ll have to install a solid graphics card and probably replace the power supply with one that can support the graphics card.

From the looks of this woot I think woot acquired HP’s pc business.

Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb! Do not want! :slight_smile:

…Onkyo Home Theater come on down!!!

Sweet zombie Jesus. Woot is actually selling something… really nice? And it’s… NEW?!

Hopefully they got a good sized chunk of their tablets, too.

Be Honest now. Is there anyone left on this planet that needs another LCD monitor?

not bad, if i was in the market for a computer this would work.

Somebody buy one!

Really tempted…need a new PC for digital video work and music composition…

I do. My second one broke earlier this year ago. I don’t think I need a new computer, though…

Read the write up for this…

can i just get the monitor? :frowning:

I’ll do $700 for it…

Wait, we aren’t bartering? Well then I’m out.