HP Pavilion Elite HPE PC with Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, & Blu-ray

Can you say HTPC?

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Amazon gives it 3.5 stars

Yeah, it’s good for gaming.

I have a serious question. Are you a real person? If so, are you addicted to Woot? Do you need someone to help you? I’m dead serious.

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I think this is the most powerful computer ive seen on woot, and its a INTEL!!! That deserves a WOOT! by itself alone

Check the back port photo, HDMI port is in the video card.

You could take half of the ram out and still run Win 7-64 bit with ease…
take the leftover ram and grab 2 slices of bread… make yourself a nice RAMmich…

It has HDMI, Display port and DVI

This looks pretty sweet. If I hadn’t bought the refurb Celeron/8GBRAM/1TBHDD/BluRay HP last year, I’d be all over this - it’s actually a lot closer to what I was looking for. Too soon to upgrade, though.

Here’s the manual

It says that the Radeon 5770 has HDMI and DisplayPort ‘capabilities.’ Probably means that it’s a DisplayPort with included dongle?

As for gaming performance, this will run last years games under medium or low settings, but it won’t knock anyone’s socks off.

umm it does have hdmi

pretty decent rig, will make a nice htpc, and handle games ok, won’t handle crysis on highest settings tho. Might have been tempted if I didn’t just build an i7 rig


my bad…saw that after further discretion, too quick to pull the trigger, yeah i know thats what she said

Intel Core i5 650

Intel page

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