HP Pavilion Elite PC with Intel Core i5 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, & Blu-ray

common woot. Give me something I would want to buy.

It’s Elite, that’s why it costs so much.

I’ll take three.

two things:

  1. this is going to be here awhile

  2. how can HP continue to make the most disgusting looking computers in 2011. Hasn’t apple taught them anything? I mean, at least TRY to look like you give a crap about design because I know I do.

Tin foil hat!?! You can’t buy Tin foil anymore, it’s all aluminum. You know why? The tin foil worked and THEY don’t want you to be able to use it anymore!!!

300W power supply. I could lick that and not be fearful.

Bought a Sandy Bridge i5-2400 w/ 8GB Ram and a Geforce 560Ti from Newegg for $750 last week. WAY better deal than this.

I would expect the look to change when they start to utilize WebOS on their desktops. Just my thought.

What an ugly remote control.

Oh, and the rest of it is uninspired and boring. All things being equal though, if I had the money to waste I’d buy this thing.

That’s a very disappointing CPU. A less expensive machine with a higher-performance CPU can be found without the superfluous Blu-ray and 2GB of RAM, and off-sale.

People please buy these so we can see the next deal

maybe. I mean, really, the entire executive team at HP and others should be fired for lack of taste and intelligence.

oof, that yellow bar has barely moved…

So many computer snobs on here.

OMG a new computer.

Stop the presses!

Maybe I actually have time to go make breakfast?

Elite or not. I have 2 custom built superfast desktops and both ended up cheaper than this.

No. If you know the market value, you know a bad deal when you see one.

i bought an hp elite off here a couple weeks ago with an i7 processor and similar specs had it for 1 day and the hard drive failed then spent 2 hours on the phone with hp and had to send the computer back to get it fixed just to warn you guys. hp support likes to hang up on you btw bastards

At least it doesn’t look like an Alien or a Transformer.