HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray

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HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray
$559.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP HPE-210F Quad Core 3Ghz AMD Phenom, 8GB, 1TB, Blu-Ray, 802.11n, ATI Radeon HD, Win 7 Home Prem 64

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Alatest has reviews averaging about 87/100.



To preemptively answer the gaming question:

It’s not so good for gaming yet, but can be upgraded for that.

Yes it has a PCI-E slot and can fit a moderately-sized video card.

If you put in a good video card you’ll need to upgrade the power supply also since the one this comes with is usually only about 300 watts. You should get at least a 500W to support a moderate gaming card.


would it kill them to throw in a wireless keyboard and mouse?

that’s a hefty load of RAM!

I saw that Logitech is now selling a wireless [link=Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard]keyboard[/link] that is actually solar-powered, so you never need to replace the battery. Great idea.

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Damnit! I’d be in for one if I had the damned money!.. sniff sniff damn recession taking my job…

Just bought a different computer here:


Which is better…the one posted here on Woot or there on Newegg (if anyone can answer it would be greatly appreciated)?


Yours is better: Bigger hard drive, more cores, much better video card. Only thing better about this one is the clock speed (3GHz vs. 2.6GHz), but the other pros more than make up for that.

Here’s some comparable processor benchmarks if anyone’s interested.

AMD Phenom II X4 945 via cpubenchmark.net

Look about halfway down for the X4 945.

It’s a pretty respectable processor, but go with a Core2 Q9450 or higher system if you’re looking for performance. This is a good general-use processor though.

manuals and other docs here

Every HP PC or laptop I’ve seen has come loaded to the gills with carp ware.

Looks like you didn’t get Blu-Ray, but you did get more storage space and a slightly better video card. (And a keyboard and mouse!) As to which is “better” - I don’t know, but I’d find the addition of Blu-Ray to be a big plus personally.

This is only $30 cheaper than it is available on the web. Not exactly a thrilling deal. Just google HPE-210F.