HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray

Is this MAC compatible?

Wow a suprisingly good computer at a pretty good price… buy buy buy

I wonder if this would make for faster wooting?

must… not… add to… credit card debt…

Same PC as Sundays WOOT that sold out. Must have had a few left overs… Second Chance for those who missed it.

Reviews and Specs

Prior woot:

Are you a hired shill? Why is this such a great buy for this price? And refurbished?

never again will I buy AMD.

Well it is more powerfull than any of the macs on the market you could dual boot it as a hackentosh and be the envy of all your slightly more intelegent friends who were foolish enough to drop 3 grand on a pc that though is white runs much slower with apps that havent been updated because Apples crack team are only working on Ipads and Iphones.

Why when you say that do I immediately here that in MAD MONEY’S Jim Cramer’s voice??

Product website:

Is this compatible with a 3.5" A drive?

Good morning all. I see the night has done well (and I didn’t miss anything)…

4 out 5 stars on Amazon:


Manual and other docs:


third time this month get some more variety

Does this have HDMI out?

I’m starting to wonder if woot stands for “waste of our time”…