HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray

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HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray
$549.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Deal or no deal?

Why Woot… Why? :frowning:

who wants to drop over $500 first thing in the morning…?

CAREFUL!!! It only have DVI and HDMI output, not normal VGA. HDMI and DVI works fine if you have a newer digital monitor only.

This doesn’t seem like a good deal :frowning:

“Share and download files with an iPAQ or camera via the integrated front-panel 15-in-1 digital media card reader.”

An iPAQ?!? They still make those? I had one in 2001, but haven’t really heard of them since.

Well if anyone bought one of the 400 varieties of mice that were offered up, you can use them with this

Or any monitor really. I have a 17 year old CRT monitor connected to a DVI port with a VGA adapter.

Sure, but it works fine in the Famous Maker monitors sure to come later in the woot off.

DAMN you woot! I don’t get paid till 4 days, 4 days…and i’m only like 30 bucks shy as it is now. save this deal, come back to it, when people are a little more prepared, and rents paid.

Read the description. It comes with a DVI to VGA adapter. We’re going to be stuck on this one for a while. Today must be refurb day.

Is there a way to find out the price of a previous woot if the “wootalyzer” didn’t post it?

oh, and since they don’t show the price they had it at there before they moved it to woot, here’s the google link pointing to that page:


Isn’t this their fourth PC in 6 hours? I don’t even think they had a laptop.

I think it’s reasonable. I picked this up several months ago and it performs great. The 8 gigs of ram can handle all I can throw at it. Add in a 25 inch debranded refurb monitor for a couple of bills and you have a great combo that’s perfectly color coordinated. I also skip the extended warranty because these are so easy to throw in a replacement hard drive on the cheap - and that’s about the only thing that goes out.

where are you getting that they moved them to Woot at a higher price? There is no price listed because it is not in stock.

I’d buy it if I didn’t already own it. It’s been pretty good to me so far, considering it’s a refurbed HP. Lots of bloatware - I hope you like Norton.

The Amazon also included Office in the bundle for $80 less.