HP Pavilion Elite Quad Core Desktop w/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM & Blu-Ray

Killer number xx. Buy these, even if there are only 3.

Ratings are all over the board for this item on Amazon…


Have bought many of these for my office where I’m the IT guy (yes all refurbished), only they were the last generation, the only differences that they were Athlon instead of Phenom processors, didn’t have blu-ray drives, and had slightly smaller hard drives (750gb vs. 1tb).

They’re nice machines that can take a sizeable graphics card/power supply upgrade to make them into pretty affordable gaming machines.

I happen to really like the wifi card in this. I use one of these machines wirelessly at the office as my primary computer and have never had a disconnect or speed issue in about 6 months and counting. I also happen to like the included keyboard and mouse, they’re both better than you’d usually get included with a PC.

Woot Off Killer…off to bed.

slap some XBMC on this and it’ll be a very good addition to the media center…If I didn’t already have a refurb HP from woot I’d be on this for sure!

Yeah, not a bad excuse to go to bed finally.

i was hoping that would go fast. well i guess im off to bed too.

Does it say how big the PSU is?

They’re generally about 300 watts. It’s more than enough (despite what you might hear) unless you want to install a gaming video card.

Let’s go let’s go! Only 2 more to go. I want to see a couple more things before I’m off to bed.

If I buy this and then a different product later in the day, will the shipping fees be combined or am I going to have to pay $5 shipping for each order?

Every item is 5 bucks shipping, no matter how big or small. If you buy the same item X 3 it is still 5 dollar shipping. But if you buy different items it will be 5 dollars each. Hope this helps.

Each order is $5 flat rate shipping, no matter if you order 1 or 3 of an item. If you place another order later, that is an additional $5 shipping.

I got one of these from woot back in December (the price was $100 more) and it is working great. I am driving two monitors off the Radeon card (one using HDMI and one use DVI) and it has plenty of power and TONS of ram.

The power supply would be an issue only if you wanted to add a big power-hungry video card (or some other add-on card). But who (aside from a hard-core gamer) would want to do that, when the included graphics card is plenty good for home theater and high-powered, non-gaming computing?

Which video card was with this? I bought one and thought it was the 520MB with an HDMI, but not sure now. Please let me know.