HP Pavilion Elite Quad-Core i7 Desktop with Blu-ray

Not bad specs. It’s $900 on Amazon but lacks reviews. http://www.amazon.com/Pavilion-HPE-500-HPE-577c-BV587AA-Computer/dp/B004Y3XU56/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311051673&sr=8-1

Outside the low-end video card, this is a pretty decent machine. So outside of high graphics gaming it’s good to go. And if you wanted to drop in a different video card, wouldn’t cost to much.

Blu-ray = bonus

My home PC is going bad, but not sure I want a desktop… oh well


I was piecing together a PC that was coming to about $550-600 that had a couple pieces better (Video card was a few steps higher) but that price was without Windows. This has a few luxuries as well, but the overall is about 75% what I was piecing about 1 hour ago…

Someone convince me to spring on this.

Plus the price of a new power supply. The 300w supply included wouldn’t run much of a GPU.

Don’t forget about getting a new power supply. 300 watts simply isn’t enough to run any modern high-end graphics card.

This WILL play games, but not high end graphics games. The power supply is too low (300w) to support a powerful graphics card, and the supplied graphics card is very low end.

It’s already built so you won’t have to.

My roommate is building a computer now, and even though it’s a little more expensive in some parts, you at least can upgrade easily and know how to fix something that might go wrong later.

Pretty impressive-looking benchmark data on the processor. 16th best of all CPUs they have data for, and the processor alone retails for $300.

I’m very tempted. Been wanting to ditch my other two PCs to build a better system for music production and this saves me a lot of trouble.

The specs are pretty good as is the price. The only warning I have is that buyers should be aware that the Blu-Ray drive is READ ONLY. You cannot record Blu-Ray discs on this, either for videos or for backing up. That’s pretty surprising consider the class of this desktop and how little Blu-Ray writers cost these days. Internal drives can be found on NewEgg for about $99. Wholesale prices are probably $79-$89. Having one can be a major selling point. As things stand, the player isn’t very useful considering that standalone players with many more features are available for <$100.

The 1.5TB SATA only moves at 5400rpm. ATI Radeon HD 6450 is also useless for gaming, it’s a “Well, it’s better then integrated.” card used to make the computer look more equipped. The power supply is also pretty weak at only 300W, and would need replaced if anything was upgraded.
Just some things to be considered when buying.

Consider the upgrade potential of this board. Compare it to what you were considering, if available slots and other connections are comparable then I would say it merits further consideration.

A quick look at the board and I really don’t think that upgrading is really going to be an issue. Might as well start from scratch if you want more performance than this is designed to give. It’s pretty much maxed out at it’s current configuration.

Fair deal for the surfer with a broadband connection who wants to make use of online videos and such. Plenty of room for all your itunes as well.

As for the serious gamer . . . who are we trying to kid here? Serious gamers aren’t scrounging Woot! for deals on power systems, and most of them aren’t looking to convert Roombas into power gaming systems either.

Or if you’re on a tight budget, you could check thisout.

Yowsers. this is a really good deal. Pavilion Elites average in the mid-80s on Alatest.

So amazon officially killed two for twosday? Way to take something cool… sell it to the highest bidder… then watch them stomp it into the ground.

Kind of silly that there’s that CPU in that PC. Overall, not a very good system.

The CPU is an i7-2600, which is one of the best CPUs on the market, however it’s locked and has very limited overclocking abilities. You’ll pretty much be stuck at stock settings.

The graphics card is complete crap if you have intentions of playing any graphic intensive games. It only has 512mb of RAM and the 1GB version is on Newegg for $52.99. The PSU at 300w is also extremely weak. If you have any intentions of buying a new GPU, you’ll have to replace the PSU as well.

The HDD is a 5400rpm drive, which you absolutely don’t want to run an OS, programs, and games. You’ll see significant performance drop compared to a 7200rpm HDD or an SSD.

I have no idea what mobo is in there, but chances are it is a cheap one with limited upgrade options. The RAM is probably okay, 8GB is way more than enough for the vast majority of users. The Blu-ray player is a plus, but honestly, how many people actually throw money away on blu-ray discs?

This deal is fairly disappointing because it has a high-end CPU and very low-end GPU/PSU. I don’t understand why systems like this are made. It’s completely off-balanced and just a waste of money. Building this system yourself with the same exact specs would probably cost around $600. However, this system is extremely bottlenecked at the GPU, and the CPU is quite overkill for anyone not intending to game or do intense video/graphic editing.

Unless you don’t mind replacing the GPU & PSU and possibly the motherboard, as well as a faster boot drive on top of paying $700 as a base price, I’d highly suggest passing on this one. I seriously can’t believe this system is priced at $900 elsewhere, that’s just highway robbery.