HP Pavilion Elite Six-Core Desktop with Blu-ray

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HP Pavilion Elite Six-Core Desktop with Blu-ray
$549.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Wow. Haha! This one might take a while.

I don’t buy desktops anymore. I was getting ready to buy the Phillips. I bet it comes back up.

A woot mainstay. Typing this post from one of these. A tad boost to the video card and it’s a great working system

Great. Another expensive desktop to slow it down…

Yup. Unless they pull it like the last few in 2 minutes. I’m going to bed.

someone bite the bullet and make the bar move…Please

Another one??? >.> Time to sleep

And then you need a better power supply as my wife taught me. These don’t have the room for them.

-_-… Why doesn’t it ship to canada! -rages-

I read your post and it did haha.

I can build a better PC for less than that, but then again not everyone knows how and likes the convenience of pre-mades.

Its a decent deal with a decent video card. Best just to build your own PC though for less or equal to. PCs are easy to build if you just read how to do it.

How to I get free bag of crap?\

The power-supply is extremely weak and to top it off they never ever use quality PSU’s.
Replacing the GPU and PSU simply kills any point of buying it.

The bar isn’t moving!!!

when will the xx-core madness end?

does anyone really need six-core?

This link has a comparison of CPUs:


Unfortunately, this processor didn’t fare very well in the price/performance comparison.

Looks like they got about 10 of em…No sweat, decent system, should go in 5 minutes.