HP Pavilion Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitors

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HP Pavilion Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitors
Price: $119.99 - 139.99
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Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com on the 23" model.

4.7 Stars over at Best Buy on the 21.5"

Can anyone confirm that this is a real IPS? i bought another monitor from here which is an asus and it wasn’t really an IPS monitor.

[MOD: These are IPS monitors]

Too bad these doesn’t have VESA mounting options.

Totally agree. Monitors last much longer than the computers. Not having VESA is a major missing feature for future use. I currently have a triple monitor set up of mismatched monitors that I collected over the years and two of them are mounted on VESA compatible arms which are a lot more flexible and save me desk space. Would never buy a non-VESA monitor.

Echo the lack of VESA. Otherwise would have considered.

Nice big monitors, but the resolution sucks for a monitor this size. 1900X1080 might be ok on a 15" monitor but going up to 23" and keeping the same resolution is plain stupid. Are they designing these for the aging population that needs to see bigger letters?

Wow… Thanks for the heads up! Was about to order two and saw your post. I would have been sorely disappointed.

FWIW my current rig is currently on its second monitor, the previous was a nice Samsung 22" that one day started to have the jitters and then shortly thereafter had its backlight go dark for the last time.

Do more at once
HP My Display Smart software lets you partition your screen so that multiple application windows can be open at the same time."

Uhhhh… also this thing called “Windows” has let you do this since 1985.

I guess these are being sold to tout its average and below specifications a strengths, hoping we won’t have a clue! The 7ms response time is sloooow. The average screen is 5ms and the good ones go to 2ms. The 60Hz refresh rate is basically as poor as one of these monitors can go. And other then resolution those are the main traits I look for in a monitor.

So was very thrilled at first, but now am, eh! Not this one!

I own the 25" version of these monitors (Pavillion 25bw). The picture is extremely bright, clear, and vivid. In a dark room, it is one of the best screens I’ve ever seen. However, if there is even a slight amount of sunlight, it will glare off the monitor. If there’s a window which might easily shine on the screen from where you want to place it, forget about it.

I am fascinated that your brain can comprehend the difference between 3 and 5ms. Amazing!

Which do you recommend for resolution? I am part of the aging population and crisp clarity is my preference. My current monitor is flickering.

110% concur. A monitor without a VESA mount is hardly a monitor at all.

There are not any IPS monitors that exceed 60hz to my knowledge, and for the moment it’s not needed. Those stats are really more desirable for gamers, not graphic designers or video editors who want better colors in their picture. Additionally, a benefit of IPS panels is that the color doesn’t change as much depending on your viewing angle.

Quick response and hz is what TN panels are known for, though their image quality lacks by comparison. Those “good” monitors with 2ms response time may replicate dark colors poorly, or not represent colors properly from any angle other than dead-on.

I cannot speak for these particular monitors, but it helps to know what you’re talking about before you talk bad.

Let’s see, resolution is adequate (though not ideal) for a budget monitor, wide 178 degree viewing angle.

The bads that haven’t been mentioned are really that the monitor is being marketed in the text as “great for gaming” when many gamers want a higher refresh rate and response time and don’t care as much about color representation.

You really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! Almost all 24" monitors have a ratio of 1920x1080. Unless your willing to spend big dollars and get a different ratio this is what you’re going to get on a 24". I own several and work on this size everyday!

It would be nice if someone could make a little list defining things like IPS, VESA, etc.