HP Pavilion H8 Desktop Computer

Bad deal!

Parts together worth about $100 less than price!

So you H8 this deal?

H8ers gonna H8

What’s your point? Every pre-built computer ever sold has cost more than the parts. How is a company supposed to make any money if it sells it for less than the cost of the manufactured parts? There has always been a premium on prebuilt PCs for those who cannot build their own. In only recent years has that premium gone down. $100 markup on parts is actually very cheap after you factor in labor, warehouse costs, administrative expenses, shipping costs, etc.

This is a decent deal if the computer meets the needs you’re looking for. Newegg is currently selling the same exact compter, refurbished as well, for $70.00 more.


The only question is whether people find this computer necessary for their computer needs.

Can anyone tell me if this will run the tech.woot dual monitor setup?

The HD 7450 supports dual monitor displays.


If I was willing to spend some money on a better graphics card would this computer be a legit gaming computer?

With memory and a processor like that I don’t see why not but let me know if I am mistaken!

Yeah, though being a prebuilt this will likely have an abysmal PSU, maybe even only 300W. You’d probably have to replace it to add anything but a silent card (GT210, etc).

First thing I’d personally do is take out that stupid 2GB DIMM of RAM shoved in it. They’re throwing out dual-channel to print a 2-digit number on a spec sheet.

I personally wouldn’t recommend it for a “legit gaming computer”. There’s too many faults to get it to the level I would consider legit for gaming. Note that the following faults are mentioned towards gaming purposes, not regular computing tasks.

The graphics card obviously has to be replaced, so that’s just money out the window making this deal more expensive at face value.

You will most likely also have to replace the Power Supply if you’re buying a new graphics card. 300w isn’t enough for most gaming computers with up-to-date graphics cards. The PSU in that unit probably isn’t too reliable and meant for heavy gaming either.

I also don’t know the brand/model of RAM, HDD, PSU, and motherboard in this unit. With gaming rigs that get a lot of use, I personally like to know everything that’s in the PC, and that it’s top quality. The last thing you want is a HDD, PSU, or Motherboard failure.

The HDD is 5400rpm which in my opinion is too slow for gaming. You really want a 7200rpm HDD for your OS and gaming purposes, and optimally you would want an SSD to run the OS and games on. 5400rpm just doesn’t cut it these days unless you don’t mind slow loading times.

10GB of RAM is overkill for gaming purposes and this RAM is probably low quality. You don’t need anymore than 6-8GB today. Most people can even live with 4GB of RAM as long as they aren’t running too many programs in the background.

The CPU is fine, but benchmarks don’t compare to Intel’s processors. The case is actually probably fine for gaming, though it does lack a bit in air-flow support.

Lastly, the unit is refurbished. You’re going into this purchase already throwing away $50-100 on the graphics card and PSU, don’t know what brand half the hardware is or if it’s reliable, and have to spend a good amount of time dealing with upgrading.

I’d imagine that making any upgrades to this PC would void the warranty (if there is one), where as if you were to build yourself, every part you buy has long warranties.

You’re better off buying a barebones kit or building yourself than purchasing this unit for gaming.

Radeon HD 7450 is an entry-level GPU part of the 7000 Series released by AMD in 2011/2012.
There are two versions available: GDDR3 and GDDR5. This is the GDDR3 version.
The performance is very limited and only recommended for the casual gamers but it should be enough to play today’s demanding games at low or medium settings while Very Demanding games, like Metro 2033, might require very reduced settings to be played smoothly.
Note 1: Radeon HD 7450 does support DirectX 11 but even the most forgiving games might be unplayable due to the level of performance demand…"

only time to post previous woots:
sellout: $539.99 in May (one comment)

Wootoff $499.99 in June

$479.99 now

and getting started guide:

on the manuals page:

that came from the overall help page:


I am currently on this computer right now and I love it. I bought 2, right here from Woot. I play TF2, BattleField: Bad Company, Halo Combat Evolved (I know, old school), Diablo 3 and a good bit more with no problems. Games minimize instantly and re-maximize with no lag. I have not had even the slightest problem. I bought one for my wife as well and her’s is the same “no Problem” machine. If you are considering buying one of these, stop thinking about it and just buy one.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this would fare for extremely detailed 1080p video? Could it handle with the HD 7450? I can’t find a decent review of the card for non-gaming types…

never buying HP again. 3 computers and all their motherboards failed within 2-3 years. they use the cheapend asus motherboards that are piece of crap made for AMD(sucks too). im no intel fan boy but AMD blows. not hating but i call it like i see it, a piece of crap. im gonna stick to building my own system, cost effective as well.

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But to your point, it’s absurd to say ‘AMD sucks’. I’ve never had any problem with their stuff, using it now, but anecdotal info isn’t the basis for saying a brand is bad for everyone, and you didn’t even have that - you didn’t say anything went wrong with AMD, only the motherboard.

Any electronics manufacturer selling millions of items will have some bad ones, and the people who get those can say ‘they suck’, but it’s not that useful an indicator for purchasing.

The purchasing choice of Intel and AMD is a lot more competitive than you indicate, each with good offerings.

Hovado, when you cut and paste from a review site, you should indicate you are doing so and credit the original site.


Benchmark and comparison to other current processors -


DAMNIT!!! I bought the exact some model from this sight on 5-22-12 for $544.99. I want my $60 back.

Good computer though. Especially good for those who want to figure out how to upgrade certain components. Runs great out of the box, and can be pushed even further. Don’t regret this buy at all.