HP Pavilion Intel 1TB Desktop

HP Pavilion Intel 1TB Desktop

My god 4 gb of system memory is a crime against humanity.


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Huh, never even noticed the cakes or cake pieces … the things you learn in the forums! Angelina crotchless panties to everyone

Also the lack of graphics card during a graphics card shortage.

The link to HP specs site lists an HO graphics card not savy enough to say that matters but it’s there. At least it’s an HP refurb but other HP refurbished models have carried 12 month warranty.

The HP Pavilion 590-p0053w Desktop with a Intel Core i5-8400 2.80GHz and 8GB of RAM is a better deal at 329.99. Sure it’s “only” an 8th Gen chip, but you can change it out with several versions of the 9th gen Intel core i3, i5 or i7 chip.

Can the 4GB of RAM be updated?

Yes, it can be upgraded. I purchased a similar model from HP a couple of months ago and ordered it with 12 GB, but could have gotten more. Not sure exactly how much it will handle, but it’s at least 16 GB.

Agreed, also no SSD

It says “integrated” right next to that. Because the gpu and the cpu are on the same chip. They can run low-end graphical applications at minimum settings. It would be annoying though.

IMO the only use for onboard graphics is a backup when a dedicated card dies.