HP Pavilion Intel Desktops

HP Pavilion Intel Desktops

No pics of back? Any open slots? Why the 310W vs. 180W power supply between the 590 and 595? Even if there’s room for a graphics card, that power supply won’t support much.

I wondered the difference in the power supply as well. Apparently the 8400T processor is a newer lower TDP processor. It only uses 35W vs the non-T model processors run at 65w. From the specs I can find the 8400 runs faster than the 8400t on benchmarks. The 8100 runs faster than the 8400t benchmarks until it gets to the max core scores where the 8400 has 6 cores.


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HP is always very forthcoming with photos of the back of units since they can vary from model to model. We include the specs to assist you though.

I really can’t answer why HP decided on those power supplies.

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What are the full complete model numbers for these computers. I have purchased 2 computers from woot before and they have worked well - I need to look at reviews prior to purchase. Thank you.

Howdy. They are:

HP 590-p0030

HP 595-p0049

Thanks for the reasoning on why no photos-- I was able to Google images of the various models’ back panels. The Woot specs don’t mention anything about open slots, but the images showed four empty slots for all of them. Not knowing what types of PCI slots kept me from buying this time. I’ve had good luck with Woot computers as well, but need a little more information.

The comments on newer processors and wattage was interesting-- another thing to consider!

Maybe next time…