HP Pavilion Intel Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3” BrightView LED Display

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HP Pavilion Intel Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3" BrightView LED Display
$379.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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And that’s all she wrote.

Not a bad laptop though!

A keyboard/baby picture holder at a premium! I’m in for 3.

Intel Dual core procs are so old. No thanks.

This is an Arrandale chip, which means pretty poor integrated graphics.

Also, I hate this cheap keyboard HP puts on their lower end models. That being said, it’s pretty damn cheap for a 17".

Nice. A Woot-off ends like it used to back in the olden-times days – because midnight happened again. I have been less healthy due to lack of sleep caused by the seemingly-perpetual current Woot-offs.

I want to write another dash-word. There.

Please tell me I didn’t miss the foot powered toilet flusher.

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Ooh, ooh!! I figured out the pricing! It’s a dollar per pound, right?

Man… I kinda wish I had the cash to get this today, this would be perfect for my mom. Maybe she would stop buying crappy $200 laptops off of eBay.

Hahahaha I see the list of comments shrinking instead of increasing… I guess we have to talk about the PC not the woot-off.

Anyways 17" laptops are too big in my opinion, and when its running a Pentium it may just equate walking around with a huge typewriter.

please don’t buy this; you can get an i3 for the same price.


Every Intel mobile chipset is dual-core or less, save for the i7 series.


Not 17", but better build quality than this HP, and a Sandy Bridge.

The write-up for this item reminded me of the “I am your grandma” video. I’d embed it but it’s not really related so… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfY1lfFu8j8

Here’s a review from TMCnet written in December 2010:

TMCnet review

Also, TigerDirect has this same model as a refurb for $419.99:



Is this a pretty good basic laptop? Thought about buying the $500 dollar one off of sellout.woot last week but was out of my price range for now.
I think I want this but everyone’s complaining