HP Pavilion Intel Dual-Core Notebook with 17.3” BrightView LED Display

Although others have posted the gist, here’s the HP Press Release covering the WebOS (Touchpad) and ‘plans’ for their ‘Personal Systems Group’, which I believe covers their notebook computers as well as the desktops (not servers though, so Proliants will apparently remain HP)

Press release here

I have an HP notebook (it’s one of five notebooks, netbooks and tablets I own). I have been very pleased with it. I paid $450 for it (after rebate) and I can’t imagine getting a different brand for such a great price and with specs similar to this Woot notebook.

I leave my HP on about 16 hours a day, as a “net access” machine. I have done that for about seven months and it’s still running great. So while all computers have units that fail, I assume my HP exemplifies the quality of these machines. (Just to be safe with mine I spent $100 for a three year Square Trade warranty that includes accidental damage.)

And my HP (that looks similar to this machine) does not feel cheap nor shoddily made. So I don’t know about those comments where people are saying these Pavilions look and feel cheap.

That said, just today I read HP is putting up its computer business up for sale and closing down its tablet and phone division. IMO that does not bode well for techinical support down the road.

Sidenote: It amazes me that big companies simply cease operations or discontinue new or fairly new products like they are flipping light switches. Recall Microsoft and its licensed cell phone, Cisco closing down its Flip camcorder business, and now this with HP.)

I guess the demise of HP’s “personal computing” business means that we will see a lot of HP products on Woot. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but Woot better have prices way lower than what this notebook is selling for, AND list the Touchpad for about $150, not the price Woot was selling it for.

Wondering why HP wants to dump its personal computing products business. Here’s one reason:

While Best Buy took delivery of 270,000 HP TouchPads, it has sold less than 25,000 units. Best Buy is so angered by Touchpad sales it wants HP to take the unsold tablets back and issue a refund.

And apparently Walmart and Fry’s are experiencing dismal TouchPad sales.

HP has announced it is closing down its tablet business. Guess it took your advice. :wink:

Are you referring to this Woot?

I am surprised you would say this.

Fact - All notebooks nowadays have webcams. The technology is so inexpensive (about $5 to $10 to the manufacturer) that it makes no sense to not include one.

Fact - In the pic you can see the webcam.

Fact - It says in the specs that it has an integrated webcam.

Where did you get your information from, that:




Very odd post, especially in all caps, considering it does have a webcam.

Yes, I just did that myself. It’s popping up on all the sites.

Thanks for the reports, everyone :slight_smile:

I knew when I saw the TouchPad here something was up. WebOS is great, but no Apps. Chumby has more. Thank goodness I just bit the bullet this weekend and bought a asus ep121 . There are mad and sad Touchpad owners now. But woot should have these for $ 99 pretty soon. The new “Sony Dash”.

From what I have read HP is not really getting out of the tablet (or other hardware) business, they are just creating a spinoff company to take over those items. Probably some marketing attempt to have another shot at the tablet (and other hardware) world, as they have failed so greatly.

Fact - Bears eat beets.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

And the ThinkPad I just ordered doesn’t have a webcam. So not all notebooks have webcams. Granted, there was the option for one, I just chose not to get it.

Also, I can’t believe someone ordered three of the laptops.

I like how it’s almost a complete knockoff visually of the Macbook Pro…can’t they come up with an original design, or did they have to fire their creative team to save money?

It’s not FedEx that’s bad… it’s that the “home delivery” is handed off to the Post Office.
That hand-off is ugly ugly ugly!
I had one post-office guy decide to take off early, so he just marked the package “bad address” and returned it.
Another just sort of … took a vacation … for a week or so before it showed up.
And when you contact FedEx … they say “it’s with the Post Office, now, we have no information and no control…”
When you contact the Post Office they say, “It is a FedEx package, we have no information and no control…”
Which means … in a regular postal delivery, the delivery person knows they’ll catch a problem if they ‘disappear’ a package …
but with a FedEx hand-off package … they know if that package disappears or what-ever … it will Never come back on Them…
so… it makes for a terrible terrible shipping choice!

What just happened? Woot taking a day off?

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Earliest complete cross-Woot sell-off EVER! Oh, wait… that’s all yesterday’s crap. We want new crap! We want new crap!

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