HP Pavilion Mini Intel 1TB SATA Desktop

I bought this one(factory reconditioned, warranty 90days HP) at $209.99. What’s the difference of “factory reconditioned” and “refurbished”?

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

I saw this item for on cleara $35 American at Frys eletronics!

Do you have a link to this sale, or was it something you saw in person?

Does anyone know what is the max resolution this box can output via HDMI? I will be connecting it to my TV … thanks in advance!

Per the computers team: It should be able to handle Full-HD (1920 x 1080) on at least 1 output. I can’t say for using both the HDMI and DisplayPort at the same time, though.

Couple questions: Already bought one but I notice this says it comes with Win 10 Pro. All the ones I see otherwise say Win 10 Home. Anyone know if this actually comes with the Pro version?

Also, what is the maximum RAM on this? Is it 16gb?

Thanks in advance…

Bought one of these units in an earlier Woot sale. It was the fastest cpu 1.9 mhz chip with 1 gigabyte hard drive. Windows 10 Pro, not home in this unit; other offerings have Windows 10 Home.

Opened it up and replaced the mechanical hard drive with a Samsung SSD 500 mb hard drive. There’s two slots for the memory chips. One is occupied. Replaced that one with two 8 mb ram chips for total of 16 mb which is the maximum ram the unit will take.

Surprisingly fast cpu. No fans, no noise. Very portable. If need more usb ports will add a usb powered box.

Overall very pleased with this pc. It’s small and takes a fraction of the space of a regular sized pc.

Thanks for the info… can’t wait to get mine.

Now I can play my Steam games on the 55" in the living room! :slight_smile:

If you put this in my BOC, I’ll do something nice.


Advertised with wireless mouse and keyboard and got wired. :frowning: Works like a champ otherwise but needed wireless…

Jeez Louise. Sorry for the mix-up! If you haven’t please email support@woot.com; CS can check into your order and options.

I contacted Support on the site… haven’t heard back yet.

Wireless included was one reason I ordered so I can use the computer on the tv from the couch so not getting it was a big disappointment. Hope an adjustment can be made.

I also got the wired keyboard and mouse. The is the second time in the last couple months that product advertised was not what I got. Also, the one I got doesn’t work. The o/s is messed up and no way to recover or re-install. Thought maybe it was me, since I’ve used strictly Linux or bsd for the last decade or so…asked a guy I know who works with and on windows systems all the time to check it out…it’s not me. Really wanted to check out the new windows…seems to be same as the old windows…unreliable crap.

Was working fine yesterday. Today my wifi is connecting at speeds that would make a 300 baud modem look like a gazelle. Updated the network adapter driver, reset my router, and still taking forever to load pages.

My ancient Dell 1525 with 1gb of RAM and Vista connects better and much, much faster than this.

I have 50mbps internet and a Linksys E1000 router.

I already got a partial refund from Support because I received a wired keyboard and mouse with the option to return the whole unit for a refund. I may just take them up on that if I can’t get it working.

Takes almost 3 minutes to load Gmail.

Update: Getting around 1mbps download speed, 5mbps upload - did a reset to factory settings, same thing.

My other computer, laptop, wireless printer, tablet are all working fine.

Try going into All Settings/Update & Security/Recovery… you can recover your Windows from there back to Factory Settings.

Yeah, that would probably work, if I could get to settings. Won’t let me though, when you click on it a box flashes on the screen and then goes away. I did figure out a way to fix it though, and this will work for anyone having a software issue like me. Go to the Microsoft website, you can use a different computer if you need to, and download a copy of the operating system. You can then do your own fresh install. I did that, and it works perfectly now. Just be prepared, this is NOT a quick fix…takes 2-3 hours, start to finish, but it does give you a nice fresh clean install.
Now woot, what about the wireless keyboard and mouse this was supposed to come with???

I contacted Woot Support directly about the keyboard/mouse and overnight they issued a partial refund to buy one locally. I will say they were fast about that. They also emailed a pre-paid label in case I wanted to do a return for full refund. I decided to keep mine.