HP Pavilion Mini Intel Dual-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion Mini Intel Dual-Core Desktop
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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A 5400 RPM hard drive? Really HP? That is the best you could do?


If I were running HP this wouldn’t ship without at minimum a 300 GB 10K Velociraptor drive.

Heck, even 128 GB and 256 GB SSD drives are affordable enough to stick into this without jacking up the price.

C’mon, HP (and by extension WOOT), don’t ruin a great idea with a cheap drive.

I was wondering if it has enough space to put another disk (mSATA SSD)?

Already got the answer:

It has one M.2 port for SSD.

No one is forcing you to buy this refurbed unit… or like it. Looks solid for someone looking for a basic desktop with room to upgrade ram. You think HP and Woot are going to upgrade the machines? I can’t tell if that post is a joke.

I was ranting.

Shame HP didn’t do what JustinWuB suggested (adding an M.2 SATA) and putting the OS on it while keeping the other drive for storage. That would have made this machine a great buy for the masses.

The average user may not know what it all means but they know when their computer makes them wait endlessly to use their browser, email application or other software (remember the first Atom CPU’s?). Putting the OS on an M.2 SATA while including a spinning drive for storage would have made the user experience far more rewarding for even the most technologically challenged neophyte.

Put the OS on the M.2 SATA and turn the included one into a storage drive? Nice!

If disassembling a PC to upgrade it’s guts is your thing, then this is a perfect system for that. YouTube videos abound showing how easy it is to get into this thing and beef it up.

Here is a video which shows how to disassemble and upgrade this particular system. Enjoy.

“Reliable” is used to describe the CPU. That almost surely means it’s a crappy one. Still, the form factor is pretty sweet and it seems to be a good value.

Most Mainstream machines that use a 2.5" drive, including Lenovo Thinkpads and HP Elitebooks, utilize a 5400rpm unit for reliability. They are better at taking physical abuse while spinning and produce substantially less heat.

Obviously the solution for this thing is to throw a cheap 128gb m2 SSD in for the boot drive and either pull the hard drive or keep it in there for storage…

Wondering how this would work as a wireless IP camera DVR. Hooked up to TV and running 24/7 for motion detection. All it would need to do is act as storage and display playback. The processor wouldn’t have to handle much multitasking. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

Both Low and mid-grade Mac Mini’s come with a 5400rpm drive as well as all versions of imac.

My current mini’s at home (and at work both have 5400rpm drives. I have no issues with day to day operations.

Not sure what you think you’re gonna get for $179?

would this make a decent music server?

This reminds me of the Mac Mini. Like the earliest models. Those things could melt a desk. I hope that technology has improved! Kind of a cool option for someone looking for basics (email, maybe word processing, browsing).

I would say yes to that… I am in for 2 of these for the same purpose. I mean how wrong can you go… 4 usb 3.0 ports, supports SATA and m ssd Hard drives and comes with Windows 10 PRO Also from the youtube video link above is very easy to upgrade the basic parts should you need or want to. Just wish I could have gotten 3… I wonder why Woot has changed that policy recently… used to be limited to 3 items per order…

Yeah man, it was like, like, 15 seconds!!! FOREVER!


A Samsung XP941 512GB drive is 320.00 from the mother ship. Lots of 128gb drives in the mid 50’s and some cheaper. By the time you start dropping money on this little beast that might find use in your RV, might want to sit back and decide if this is worth it or get a referb’d laptop instead for a little more.