HP Pavilion Mini Intel i3 1TB Desktop

I have a slightly older Pavilion Mini with an i3-4025U CPU and Win 8. It’s a nice little computer.

I have 2 older dual core systems like this one with half the hard drive… they have been performing well. These being I cores they should be as good. I paid $179 for mine, $120 more for an I-core and 1 TB drive seems to be fair.


Are these refurbished or New???

The condition is listed under the title. This desktop is new.

I have this same model I purchased from Woot last August (same price) and have been running Kodi (16.1) on it. great little box that keeps up without any problem at all. I’m also running Windows 10 Pro just like this one.

Purchased one, it’s cute, I like it, but it is NOT Win10 Pro, it’s Win10 Home.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I’m checking with the computers team to see what happened.