HP Pavilion P6 Dual-Core PC

Here is the Processor Benchmark chart High Mid Range CPUs - Updated 29th of July 2012

This is not a powerhouse gaming computer, but this is a good value for what you get. If you need a machine, maybe for the parents, maybe for the home office, that can handle email, web-browsing, light flash-style games, and moderate photo editing, this is a good deal. Bonus points for having dual monitor support with the integrated graphics, if you want to use it with twin monitors on your desk. No need to upgrade the video card unless you want to play high-end games.

Decent for an HTPC? I want a computer for home theater. Guess i’d pretty much need hdmi though. or is there an easy way around that?

If you need a PC for using the Internet, data storage, spreadsheets, etc. this is great. I got the same one here for $50 more a few months ago.

I have had good results with HP tech support, as well. Also, for a home office, HP has a multifunction machine that copies, scans and faxes wirelessly or wired, INCLUDING RECEIVING FAXES DIRECTLY INTO THE COMPUTER, for $300. Say goodbye to toner and paper. Also can print you the news or soduko a to wake up to in the morning.

Usual I’ll hate myself in the morning with the work I’m postponing, but:

Staples reviews look good: $329.99 new

Walmart $414.98 new, good reviews:

Good HP reviews:

Page with multiple manuals that I can’t directly link to pdf:

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Decent reviews on amazon.


As someone who was HP tech support for 5 years - I’m glad you had a good experience! Not all of their agents are decent, but some of them are jewels that manage to shine even through the red tape.

Question: My kid is a “gamer”, Minecraft, Terreria, Portal, and has a couple of “Steam” games on his HP pavillion Streamline 3gb. Would this be an upgrade? (Anthalon 250 II x2)

I’d say wait for a better system from Woot they have refurb HPs often and for proabably around 50 bucks more sometime soon you’ll get a much stronger computer.

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Anyone know how this would fare as a MAME machine? My arcade cabinet is still sitting here with an old Pentium 4 in it…

There is an hdmi to dvi conversion chord. Just google you can find them for under 5$. so from a picture consideration no loss, the only consideration is sound when using dvi to hdmi converter

so yo have to run your audio seperate in short


Personally, I’d wait till Black Friday to buy any piece of electronics at this point in time. Unless you absolutely have to have a computer.

What would you consider “high end” games? My son plays some online games, like Minecraft (very low graphics quality), but mostly uses YouTube and stuff like that on the PC. Do you think this would be a good computer for that? Any limitations you can think of? Thanks!!!

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This would be just fine for what you are listing.
This will work well for internet use, Youtube & videos, MS Office, Minecraft / older games(released say from 3+ yrs ago as a very crude ballpark example)… and for current “casual” games.

Those games with high quality graphics that look almost like what you would see in movies from a few years ago with would be considered high-end games.

If a person wanted to play the high-end games and has a friend who has put together or repaired pc’s in the past, this pc could be modified to handle those games. It would require inserting a new video card($110-160 for a nice budget card) in one of the slots inside & replacing the power supply with maybe a 550-600 watt capable one(approx $50-70)

or as someone else said earlier, if you wait there should be other offers here in the near future for $50-70 more that will be a step higher than this model.