HP Pavilion P7 Dual-Core i3 Desktop

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HP Pavilion P7 Dual-Core i3 Desktop
$369.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This is a fantastic deal! These things rock, even if they are refurb… seriously!!

Down to an i3 this time. We seem to be going backwards.

250watt power supply is a deal breaker for me. that’s WAY underpowered for a modern machine.

replaced the power supply on the HP refurb I got during the last woot-off with a 620-watt one for less than $40…but this is a bit pricey for an i3 dual-core setup

I purchased one of these from HP’s outlet a few months back at around the same price. I added a dedicated Nvidia graphics card into it and it flies. Its great for mild gaming, general use such as web browsing ect and word processing. Any graphically intense game will depend on what you add into it for a video card. Just remember some of the higher end cards will require you swap the power supply out. I have had no problems with the machine since purchase and I even called hp to extend the warranty to 2 years. Only cost me $100 well worth the money.

Is this compatible with the world wide web?

there’s a similar unit with lightscribe and 1TB hd at moofi- same price.


So the deal is for 70 dollars more than the last HP which had a larger processor (quad core vs dual core) and a larger hard drive? Pass.

They should be paying us to take this off their hands. and at 350+, no way, not for an i3 desktop.

This thing is in Moofi right now, WTH…

I keep looking for a unit with HDMI to ease video transfers from the videocam. Is it unrealistic – or should I just go to Fry’s?

Nope. LAN only.


will there be another b.o.c

I wouldnt bet on it, and I have a gambling problem.

can’t you use a dvi to hdmi adapter ?

You mad bro? Seriously. Calm down.

Yeah this seems to have some pretty chitty specs for the price compared to previous models over the past couple days.

Yes they will, see you next woot off.