HP Pavilion P7 Dual-Core i3 Desktop

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HP Pavilion P7 Dual-Core i3 Desktop
$319.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Uh oh, is woot recycling their deals? Haven’t we seen this already?!

wanka’s… oh well the HP i already bought from Woot had 6gb of ram so i guess its ok. Dang, shoulda held out for the i3.

yay another shoddy HP product, and it’s refurb’d, so it has already been broken once.

Is this ok for the little kids 6-8?

definitely more than enough

little kids 6-8 need to be outside exercising or having fun being kids. Computers are for adults doing adult things.

its good for all ages
no worries.
Just grab a monitor attach & play along

Aaand now we need a monitor.

different proc. more expensive warranty.

What’s the deal with the write-up?

gaming mouse plz :<

Who needs a desktop when I can browse Woot on my phone?

I can’t take it, each deal is slowwwer and slowwwwwwwwer. Did you guys know that Mindy McReady’s son was found and doing fine… Today is all over this story!

Way to make everyone regret not buying that Santana hat!!

see: this woot-off item from a few hours ago

I’m thinking of a PC for a gift, but these 250W integrated graphics ones are a bit low end…

I would save my money on this one. You can buy a laptop with the same specs for about $50 more. The cost of a monitor would easily be around $100 or more. Not a very good deal if you ask me.

Not really any good for a gamer…just a 250W power supply and HP suck to upgrade. Plus limited to 8GB max memory. Of course, the CPU is pretty upgradable to the current mid-range gaming i5 core.