HP Pavilion P7 Dual-Core i3 Desktop

How is this for Linux? Do the graphics work as is or require fun and games with drivers?

4GB is fine for gaming, 8GB limit more than you need.

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And what software out there can use even 4 gig of memory, not to mention 8 gig?

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Wootalyzer will help you out there. or firefox with auto-refresh

Nice deal & you can get a monitor cheap these days. But I already have a desktop. More tablets pleeeze!!

Since most “gamer” systems right now use at least a i5-2500+ with 8GB plus (and 64-bit windows), this is at most barely usable. Add the power supply needs to be at least 600w for a current video card, you’ll see this isn’t a potential budget gamer system.

As for 4 vs 8GB, remember that 32-bit OS can only address 4GB of memory…so there is that.

Thanks for all the comments. I almost hit the buy button…changed my mind. Had a computer crash and need a new one. Not a gamer and never had an HP…didn’t know that they broke down frequently.

“it’s refurb’d, so it has already been broken once”

Yeah, but it’s been inspected at least once. It’s less likely to be DOA than a new one.

Thanks!! My local broadbad for some odd reason doesn’t work with firefox :frowning: I’ll just keep on refreshing lol

everything works with FF
might just have spyware preventing it. or a wrong setting.

looks like a slow deal here 1hr estimated unless sells out.
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You need this computer.

Would this be a good unit for business use? Quickbooks, internet usage and storage.

Thanks for the information guys.

98% of all my puters are HP’s . and I love them and Matter of Fact a couple of my Desttops and Lappys Are refurbs from woot. Bought over a year ago and Still going strong :slight_smile: . I ve had Gateways and dell’s and Even A Sony Vizo. But nothing has Taken my abuse like a HP has :slight_smile: So this is a great Buy on a Refurb desktop. Matter of fact what Im on now is a HP i3 Lappy and I love this thing. I put it thru its paces too. I leave it on and take it everywhere with me and it has taken out everything and Kept coming back for more. That is just like that All in one Refurb HP That I bought From WOOT! :slight_smile: and the Refurb HP Desktop that I also gotten from WOOT :slight_smile: It has Been really dependable. And if you Have probs up to 90 days after sale WOOT! Has one of the BEST Customer service Depts. of Any Deal a Day Site . :slight_smile:
Just my opinion. :slight_smile: But I a Happy Camper with my Woot Purchase .

And just think, you couldn’t play computer games only 3 years ago before the i5 came out. I would wait until Woot offers the i7. Yup.

best for business is inexpensive
since your suppose to pay taxes on it.
always backup in multiple locations not just 1 incase of drive failure.

Most business’s including banks use the cheapest possible to cut long term costs.
buy new every xamount of years.

this system will run quickbooks perfectly along with browse web & store files.
But i suggest a nas server to store backups on.