HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop
$379.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Not bad little setup there.

Alot to the computer, RAM, Hard Drive and well worth it if you need a desktop.

Told you guys to hold out for the quad core. Pretty sweet setup for $385.

Looks like there are 10, so 9 left.

pretty strong machine indeed indeed

I would be ALL over this if Woot would put a laptop up with the same specs :wink:

PCMag.com says:

Strong budget components. Includes 802.11n Wi-Fi card.

So-so performance. Bland appearance. Only 60-day trial to Norton Internet Security.

Bottom Line
Though not the top performer on the market, the HP Pavilion p7-1074 delivers some fine components along with its sub-$600 price tag.

long as it plays skyrim

Goodnight. I’m going to miss the BOC too. I don’t get it lately anyway.

Fantastic Deal! Buy Three!

Well played sir. Good call :stuck_out_tongue:

Has the Bounty of Cookies already come and gone?

Does Woot still do the bag of crap thing since they sold out to whoever that big company was they sold out to?

I bought this on Sellout Woot 2 weeks ago - the machine is great but you HAVE to upgrade that poor HDD. 5400 rpm just doesn’t cut it with a proc that fast.

I nice SSD makes this box scream!

Goodnight, and enjoy your first Quality Post.


The video card stinks. Other than that I like the other components. I have too many desktops and laptops. We need more Tablets now.

Have this but in the 6gb and 1 tb version- graphics suck- put in a hd5570 card without having to upgrade the power supply and it rocks!