HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

Here’s to an awesome woot off!

Because the last one … was kind of a bummer.

wooooooooot off! i was in need of some crap.

here goes some Tax Return money

Its a Tuesday Woot Off!

awwww… crap! :slight_smile: is what I want.

Got one of these a few weeks ago. Would not turn on when I got it in the mail. I had to send it in to HP for warranty and it came back fixed. Some problem with the connection to the power supply. HP paid for shipping both ways and it was back in a week or so.

My 2nd WOOT OFF!!! Maybe I will finally buy something!!! Maybe not. But still looking forward to it.

Started the woot-off with a big BUMP.

I’ve never been a fan of AMD, but this seems like a pretty good deal

YEAH!!! A WOOTOFF!!! Just got me a Apple ipod touch…since my wife bought me a media player that has an ipod dock.

W_ _T - _ _F ?

This computer have built in wireless?


Was I really going to sleep anyway? Nah.

Hmmmmm…fingers are crossed but I am not staying up

maybe they will actually sell some bags of crap

I didnt even notice until just now, So much for sleep and school muahahha

Dear Woot!,

I need slumberjack cots. Like, 4 of them. If it isn’t too much trouble, put them on sometime this afternoon.


tamezd “the tazmez”

Okay, the pool starts now for the first “worst woot off ever” comment. I’m guessing about 9:38 this morning

Last Woot Off was my last. 3 days and no BOC?? I won’t get fooled again…

Should I bite??? SHOULD I???