HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

So… it has come to this.

hell no!! not since there was no boc last woot off…

Second? Really?

I must have seen hundreds!


Well, there goes studying for my law midterm!

How many Mb cache?

My 2nd too… That BOC IS MIIINE! D:

Nice. “dramatic tension and a valid observation.”


Sure, why not. I got one a year ago very similar to this one… just replace that junk 250w power supply and your good.

another wootoff…yawn

Better than anything best buy has…in for one even without wireless card

No windows 7 professional… deal breaker for me.

Strange, I expected the next woot off to start with a tablet PC.

woooooo hoooooooo…

a woot off that started on my bday… :slight_smile:

Likely going to be more expensive than the Dyson…

WOOT off…dam literally bought a surround sound system yesterday they better not have a better one! haha

Last woot off, 3 days, no BOC’s. Cmon Amazon!!

Woot can you start an engineering woot site? I would like a spectrum analyzer please. Test equipment is the new roomba.

Mmmmmmm… carrots

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…here they are all standing in a row…