HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop


Just saying that the graphic card is actually an onboard graphic with shared memory.

Meg Wtmihan sucks.

I’m a fan of AMD, which is quality performance for less $, but I’m NOT a fan of HP.

Home.woot off too!

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

How many different cameras this time? I’m guessing 327

Several friends just called me telling me that this is a huge bargain – mistakenly thinking that the the CPU is an i7. Nope, this is a P7, which has nothing to do with the current generation of Intel processors (i7). In fact, the CPU is an AMD.

not exited at all this time… nor last time… pretty pathetic woot offs anymore sadly

A Pentium 7?

bought it, hope i won’t regret it.

You wont. Got it the last time, great box.

You mean you actually got yours? And sent it back to HP to get fixed? And then got it back!?! I just filed a claim with the USPS to find out where mine is. Yes, in 5 days, it will have been a month, and I still do not have my PC. At least it’s still the same price.

…Said that actress to the bishop.

…Said the actress to the bishop.

Hope people realized that there will be no b…o…c. in this woot-off either.

Just received mine yesterday… It runs great, but when I attempt the sleep the computer it won’t recover! Sounds like this is a problem not uncommon to 64-bit PCs running Windows 7. Has anybody else had this issue and do you know of a fix? Was on the phone with HP support for over an hour yesterday and the guy is going to call me back today with a “solution”…

I read somewhere online that the issue could be the power supply or possibly the memory…