HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop
$379.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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2 days woot off! Time to make pictures!

About the product: Always make sure to replace the power supply in the HP’s Woot sells, because they are woefully underpowered.

250W is a joke.

Im getting weak! Can’t fight zZzz’s much longer!

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Go to bed, they won’t put up the gaB fo parC until you leave !

That’s the trap they pulled last time though…lull us into the woot off and throw a bundle of cobras…

Seriously? You guys are selling three junk HPs at once? Guess I’ll just go to bed. Night all. Enjoy your Bundles Of Crayons

If I was to make a prediction, I would say we wont see another one until morning but I dont want to risk it!

You bought 3 of those steel flasks at the last Woot-Off, didn’t you?

I bought two of these in the last Woot off. They are working flawlessly. Solid machines with some real conveniences on the front of the machine for card reading.
I called HP support today trying to get a fax modem to work with this machine. It turns out that (they don’t publicize this) their cheap printer/all in ones can fax into the PC, thus saving all that paper and toner. Support was absolutely incredible.
I really like this machine(s).

What the heck are you saying? Is this some kind of code? Are you VERY tired?

That is the most confusing sentence…EVER. I am crazy now…

where’s the intel woot?!

Nah, I think “susan” was just using the steel flasks from the last woot-off (as I posted above)

I think we can safely call this a two-day Woot-Off now, right?

Seriously, are you ok? do you need medical help?

HP = huge pile. I bought one of these on woot. never again!


No HDMI - No sale