HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

250W power supply…fail.

At least these big fellas are moving right along

Below is a 3 STAR (out of 5) review from June 30, 2011… In other words, A YEAR AGO. Who would spend almost $400 for a year old desktop? Please say it’s not YOU.

Woot… come on, are you serious with this?

There’s a monitor for it over on sellout.woot! right now

I bought one of these (almost exactly the same) about 6 months ago right here on Woot. As a matter of fact I’m using it at this very moment. What a fantastic buy! It seems to be just about as fast as a computer can be…I love it.

A pleasant mystery of life is that electronics seem to be constantly going down in price and up in value while everything else goes up in price and down in value.