HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion P7 Quad-Core Desktop
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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wasn’t this a usb stick like two seconds ago?

I bought two of these in the last Woot off. They are working flawlessly. Solid machines with some real conveniences on the front of the machine for card reading.
I called HP support today trying to get a fax modem to work with this machine. It turns out that (they don’t publicize this) their cheap printer/all in ones can fax into the PC, thus saving all that paper and toner. Support was absolutely incredible.
I really like this machine(s).

No gigabit ethernet?
Will this playback full hd video? (home theater pc)

You save $100. Off of a new one at Amazon
Sure this is refurbished but that means everything
Is checked out in advance where with it new its
More subject to problem potential!

you posted this earlier today. Oh wait, woot posted this HP earlier today too.

Two different ones.

Anyone know if the motherboard is up to snuff on this?
250 wt PS is pretty low but fits with this price range.

Yeah, sorry, I don’t believe that I’ve EVER heard of HP having “incredible” support considering you talk to people reading from scripts overseas.

I don’t see why these dont sell faster, 150 dollars off retail and only 5 bucks shipping???

I also had great support for my HP Elitebook, so at least there are now two happy customers.

It is a refurbished HP, which for some of us has been an unhappy experience in dealing with DOA junk and poor customer service. Also, it has mediocre hardware, even at this price point.

Iought two different models of these HP lately and they are workin GREAT. Both even play Diablo 3 well on the low rez settings.
I am tempted again.

Hey all, don’t forget about Ducky & Inky’s Woot Blockbuster Spectacular game.

Have bought quite a few refurb HP from Woot for our business. They have all worked flawlessly , and save enough to buy the monitor on Sellout.Woot.

In for 1 at 5:48 in the morning.

If only I knew someone who still used desktop computers.

I bought one of these back in October from Sam’s Club, paid about $700 w/a 27" monitor. It’s been running Mint 12 flawlessly since I bought it, and it runs both XP and Windows 7 virtual machines all the time.

NB I did have trouble getting it to play fullscreen games in a virtual machine. Pirates! runs extremely slow, and the computer doesn’t have a good enough power supply to upgrade the graphics card to anything reasonable.

Not in this particular woot, but there seems to be a lot of Oregonians wooting generally. How do we get a local woot? Portland perhaps? :slight_smile:

Why is this not a mac