HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop PC

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HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop PC
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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250w PSU? is that supposed to be 520w?

I guess Groundhog Day isn’t a holiday worthy enough of a BOC. In other news, here are some reviews: Reviews!

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Looks like there are some complaints about it being preloaded with lots of HP crap, but aside from that it has good startup times and is a solid computer.

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Hey guys, maybe you can help me. I’m looking to get a new computer. I’m running on one that’s almost 10 years old.

Is this a good deal? I know almost nothing about buying computers. Thanks.

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Don’t worry, I got your back.

But will it be able to play Crysis 2…

tempted to get one for a media box to hookup to the tv…

yeah but…can it play minecraft?

I have two of these at work. Solid computer for word processing and browsing. It took about ten minutes at setup to get rid of the pre-installed stuff, but HP also puts in some good diagnostic tools that autorun once a month.

motherboard page

AMD page

processor review

video: AMD page

video chip review

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I’m in the same boat. Need a new desktop. $7-800 budget. Interested in what anyone who knows computers thinks the best deal is in this range currently.

No, AMD’s builds have been getting lower and lower in terms of what the GPU and CPU are needing for power for double the speed.

I wonder how much it will cost to upgrade to a decent power supply and add a graphics card?

LightScribe technology? Sounds cool - but is it? Anyone have this? You have to purchase the LightScribe media separately and I’m wondering if it is worth it.

I have had it on my past 3 laptops. Definitely cool, but not worth the price of the required LightScribe discs.

I did it once, then went back to my sharpie.