HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop PC

Woohoo Another Desktop


Is it Mac compatible?

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My last comment didn’t deserve the first comment, let along the double post. Sorry.

Not bad for the price, but I could custom build something better and for cheaper.

probably not Windows 7 compatible

That’s gotten really old now. It’s also no longer funny. Mkay?

i got the dual core version about three years ago off woot for a similar price. Still using it :slight_smile:


Mine is sitting on my desk.

I think the same with all the desktops. Haven’t bought a desktop in about 10 years, but have built one for each of the kids.

I had to change my baby’s diaper… his very own brand of big 'ol crapola… in fear that I would miss the woot variety … I come back to a refurb desktop? eye roll

Similar at MicroCenter for $60 less, no deal.

Been waiting for the bag o crap since yesterday morning :frowning: But I did give a shout out to Woot on my Blog! I love you guys, even if you do repeat things ;-D

I have one of these. It’s OK if you are getting it for a parent or some non-performance user. The software is bloated and there is no way tweek the settings. Plus, HP does not update drivers. So, unless you have a very specific job that this can do and you don’t ever have to worry about increasing performance or updating HW, it’s not worth it IMHO…

Hmm… 250W PS… potentially underpowered

256MB graphics card… won’t be playing WOT or Crysis

No thank you.

Buy.com has it for same price - -

Bought last weeks HP 17in laptop deal.

Do not need.

Didn’t want this yesterday, don’t want it today.

Wondering if woot is somehow trying to stimulate the economy by putting up junk so we all go back to work.


These are good, for nothing.