HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/1TB HD

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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/1TB HD
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

Will this run blue Iris with 6-8 foscam wifi cams?

Watch out, folks. The A8-6410 processor used on this “tower” is actually a notebook CPU.

It is also considered an SoC, meaning the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard and CANNOT be upgraded.

The A8-6410 is a 15w processor and this tower is powered with an external 65 watt power supply.

The motherboard is a MiniITX form factor and only contains two DIMM Slots, though the board can support up to 16 GB of PC3 12800 (DDR3-1600) RAM. The board support USB 3, but no HDMI is available.

Don’t expect true desktop level performance. This is essentially a laptop in a shiny desktop case.

HP Website: http://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c04506181

CPU information: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-A-Series-A8-6410-Notebook-Processor.122644.0.html

Thanks for information!

I’ll save my money for the next system they post.

Hopefully, a refurbished HP Stream Mini.

Let me add my thanks too, Tex.

I located the much of same information you did but could not believe that HP was passing off a low power laptop specification motherboard with SoC and passing it off as a true desktop computer. Your more thorough research confirms my suspicions.

No thanks HP, I’m not taking the bait.

I bought one, needing a quick replacement for a dead desktop. Tex is 100% right. This is a laptop disguised as a desktop. Though they say expandable, every slot is used, so not really expandable. I’m am stuck with it, so if you need real power or an expandable system WAIT for a real desktop.

Thank you for your research. I, too, was considering this deal as a replacement for an old Dell desktop on my office desk, but will look for something else now.

For the price I don’t think you can build out anything better.

A great bit of “power user” chit-chat, but what about the rest of us, as in Festivus?

Most would never dream of changing out a CPU chip and fewer lately would try to upgrade memory.

A more useful post would include what you CAN do with this unit.

For example, will it run Office OK?

How about video from Amazon, Netflix, etc.?

How good is it for editing photos, doing a simple web pages and editing video (probably not so good at video)?

If you have and old PC running XP or Windows 7, is it an improvement?

Yeah…what he said! I’m not a gamer or a developer, nor am I affiliated with Anonymous (or am I?). But I do have a limping Dell that gives me occasional blue screens. I sell stuff on ebay, the kids do their homework, and I cruise the Internets. Would this be a waste of money?

I’m still enjoying the smug satisfaction of having suffered the slings and arrows of Woot!‘s $99 random refurb sale to ultimately get a pc with better specs than this. It came broken and needed months of warranty interaction but at the end of of waranteed motherboard swap, I get at least a year or two’s worth of smugness. Now it’ my SO’s coding machine with a healthy 32gb memory upgrade, and an ssd upgrade.

The CPU benchmark on this is pretty much the same as my 5 year old Dell laptop with 1st gen i5 chip. It’s still ok but the replacement is going to be far more robust. I’d go to the sellout listings today and check the HP with the newer i3 CPU at $50 more. It is far more computer than this in multiple ways, I believe it would be the best $50 you could spend.

I have essentially the same machine but with the A8-6500 processor, which isn’t that much different in specs. It’s plenty of power for users like us … MS Office, basic home video editing, family photos, light gaming, etc. I’ve never thrown anything at it that seemed to slow it down at all or cause any issues. I’ve had it for a while now and have upgraded it to Windows 10 without a hiccup. It has been bulletproof and it gets used pretty heavily by the whole family. I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.
[PS - The 7200rpm hard drive vs the more typical 5400rpm is a nice thing too, since that speeds a lot of things up]

For most home users this would be a great buy. Price out any decent quad core system with a full terabyte 7200rpm drive and 8gig DDR3 memory and you’ll probably double this price. The Win8.1 Pro is also a plus as it will upgrade to Win10 Pro.

If you think you might want a better video card or processor some day then not so much. The power supply won’t handle it. I would have thought this concept would be a natural with a smaller case footprint and don’t understand the reasoning behind the full size case, but it is what it is.

One caution: Don’t plug this into a UPS or surge protector. The power supply is the surge protector. Go straight to the wall or you’ll have power issues and shorten the life of the supply.

this is also essentially the exact machine i purchased directly from HP (for about $150 more, even on sale) when i was forced to give up my XP setup this year, and i’ve found it to perform very well. i, too, am neither a gamer nor a developer, and i view the majority of my TV shows and movies on my television set, but i have watched several web series via this box with excellent results. i have found this to be much faster than my old HP mini tower (note: this is a VERY large unit), i’ve never had any issues with wanting/needing another port to plug in something, and i was able to install microsoft office and many other programs with ease. if you have questions you think i can answer, ask away!

Yes, Blueboys, I have the foscm Fi9805. This connected to wifi instantly and flawlessly, no issues whatsoever. I got this machine at nearly same price from BestBy first of November this year. If you want more reviews look there. It handles all my software as my 10 year old XP machine, including full Office, professional acrobat, huge graphics software like Xonr, and others with no issue. Not a gamer so no concern there. Most of my stuff business and video. My one gripe has to do with video downloads off web, even small files from Ytube - molasses slow compared to my old XP. Case extremely light as if empty, and far larger than it needs. As noted by others here, no hdmi, extra slots for upgrades, etc. I found this price attractive.

The big bulky desktop form factor is really meant more for power users due to the easy upgradeable components, beefy power supply, and expansion slots, so this seems like a waste of space IMHO. I would think you could find a smaller more portable laptop with a similar price/performance ratio and still be able to add a large monitor if you wanted…

I edit video with Premiere and edit 300 dpi images in Photoshop and wouldn’t pick a PC with these specs. It should be fine for streaming video over broadband though.

If your computer is ages old then yes, this will be better. But remember that a laptop CPU is never as powerful as a similar desktop CPU. Laptop CPU’s cannot draw as much power because of heat concerns so they will never give you the same performance of a desktop with similar specs. (This processor is a 15 watt unit while a desktop cpu will be in the range of 45 - 65 watts).

Compare this to an AMD A-6xxx series desktop processor and you will see a huge difference in performance. This unit may struggle where the true desktop CPU won’t.

Also you should consider that since this is essentially a laptop masquerading as a desktop there are no open slots for things like a video card. You are stuck with whatever graphics chip is on the CPU.