HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/1TB HD

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Basically, a laptop in a desktop case.
Just like HP to try and pawn off a less than great performer by putting it in a shiny tower.!

CPU Benchmarks

“Power Supply: External 65W Max”


The guts are from a laptop, so you don’t need a whole lot of power to run it. Plus with an external power supply you won’t have that extra heat source inside the tower - not to mention the extra fan and whatever surplus noise it would produce.

Unfortunately, it suffers from the lack of internal expandability, which is probably why they didn’t post any pictures of the back. Everything you may want to add will need to be via USB.

On the positive side, if all you are looking for is an adequate mid-level machine with adequate mid-level performance then this just might be the way to go. You won’t (can’t) do much in the way of upgrades, but if you don’t need (or understand or want) to spend any additional money then this PC would be good for your basic net surfing, word processing, Netflix, etc.

If you know of a laptop for $229 that has 8gb RAM, quad core, please post a link.

If you add a good screen then you would be at the price of the laptop.

You summed it up nicely.

If I buy a desktop, its precisely because I want expand-ability (or more power). If I wanted a laptop, I would buy something similar to this in a laptop case. As you and another poster said, this is basically a laptop without the battery (probably the major cost difference). Of course, you would still need a screen with this.

OK for basic stuff - but so is every similarly priced computer.

What threw me off was the power supply… why would I want such a small external power supply in a tower? It just gave me a few laughs :slight_smile:

I don’t think the power supply is amusing (heck, it doesn’t take very much to run a computer especially when you don’t even have a screen). What gave me a laugh was that they put the thing into a FULL SIZED case. Must be a lot of open space inside there… and weigh next to nothing!

Frankly, without an internal power supply or expansion slots, they could have slipped this thing into something thinner than a half-ream of paper and saved themselves some money - and any potential purchaser a lot of space. Add a few VESA mounting holes and this thing could have disappeared behind almost any flat panel monitor.

Just add another 4G stick and you would be at the 8G.
“Only” dual physical cores, but quad virtual cores and it blows the doors off the cpu in this (3554 vs 2522).
And it comes with a screen to make up for just having 4G memory.

That is most likely off lease which is about 5 years old. I would stick to this desktop. Also I still think this is pretty good for money.

does this qualify for the Windows 10 free upgrade?

Yes it does since it is win 8.1 Pro.

HP does make a smaller version of this desktop and Woot offers it elsewhere. It’s a smaller form factor, but it won’t attach to the back of your monitor. However, that would be pretty awesome if it did. (Not awesome enough for me to buy it, but still it would be better than the big bulky box it comes in right now.)


I think if you are looking for small I would go with the Lenovo with the golf balls in the picture woot has occasionally. Those are small. Woot had it today during the woot-off for $200. It also uses an Intel cpu not crappy AMD.