HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD



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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD
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Pavilion 500-214
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Time to learn all about the processor and learn all about USB 3.0


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(Some comments disappeared? what’s up with that?)

This looks like almost exactly the thing I’ve been looking for. I’m a little leery of Windows 8 though. Is it secure enough to run my VPN when I’m working from home?

Also, USB 3 is not really a draw if it means I would have to buy all new peripherals, is it? IIUC my USB 2 peripherals can plug into the USB 3 ports but will still only give me USB 2 performance. So what’s the point?


Thanks for advice in advance! I am looking to upgrade from a 10 yr old Systemax XP system with 2gb to this computer or should I wait even longer? I do word…powerpoint…etc…plus…movies…videos…music…NO extremely heavy graphics/games…But, I when I do upgrade would like to run 2 monitors would this computer be good for what I am looking for? I would appreciate any feedback…


You don’t have to wait longer. This computer’s performance is way higher than yours and it’s enough for most of the tasks you can come up with. And yes, you can hook up two monitors, but keep in mind that you need two different cables for that – VGA and DVI, but nowadays it shouldn’t be a problem.


HDMI Capability ?


No HDMI port.


Addressing your first point: yes, it’s secure enough. Windows 8 gets a really hard time due to some questionable interface decisions, and I guess that has kind of bled into a the operating system is bad at everything mentality, but that is just incorrect.

Addressing your second point: as far as I can tell, USB 3.0 is ONLY relevant in the storage arena due to some wicked fast transfer rates. I have a USB 3.0 flash drive and it’s great. USB mice, keyboards, game controllers use nowhere near the bandwidth available in USB 2.0, so the difference is irrelevant.

But more importantly USB 3.0 ports create a ton of noise in the 2.4Ghz range which will screw with all sorts of wireless stuff. If you have a wireless keyboard with one of those tiny little usb wirteless adapter, plugging that into a USB 3.0 port – or even a USB 2 port that’s close to a USB 3.0 port – will severely limit wireless range. Wifi is similarly affected.


I love that the max memory on this is 32, so many of the desktops that show up here top out at 16. I’ve been keeping an eye out here for something with higher memory for a Hyper-V server but… I think the CPU is a blocker on this one. I’ll return to my blind and scout for the the next opportunity.


I agree with the 32GB part, but can’t you just use VirtualBox? Yes, it’s not the same as a dedicated Hyper-V server, but…


Can you add one to the expansion port(s), or elsewhere on this box?


Will this computer run games well?


No. This is a bottom feeder internet browsing facebook email computer. This is NOT a gaming computer.

You want a gaming computer get this one:


It will be barely adequate. Barely.


AMD is crap, I don’t buy their systems. I guess its ok if you want to surf the web. Never had good luck with their cpu’s.


Hey thank you…big help!


The graphics processor has trouble keeping up playing League of Legends. Constantly get a display driver error and the screen crashes.