HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD

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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD
Price: $329.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out this “good” review of the processor


Only scored a 5296 Meh.

am i an idiot? this seems like a really good deal relative to the specs for other desktops i checked out online. most under $400 seem to have dual-core processors, 4gb of ram, and 500gb (or maybe 1tb) drives. i know it’s not going to knock anybody’s socks off in 2015 but for a solid computer a little more than $300 this seems really good. am i missing something?

No, you’re not missing anything. If you need the maximum hot performer as of 2015, this isn’t it. But for a whole PC that costs less than a medium high end video card, you’ll get something that meets the needs of 98% of users.

Looking at the website referenced by evnldr, for instance, the i7-4770K scored about twice this A-8 cpu, but cost more than three times as much. In fact, the reference cost of the CPU chip alone was more than this whole box. In the “value for money” chart, it’s the second one on the whole list.

Which leads to the obvious question…what is number 1 on the list?

Pavilion 500-314 Product Support
Pavilion 500-314 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

Yes you are missing something. Anyone that purchases a windows 8 os, as far as I am concerned, is purchasing an os that allows 3rd party entities to spy on you.
This has been reported over, and over and over.

All Anti-windows comments aside, it’s missing HDMI output. But, that’s pretty minor. Looks pretty good to me too.

No HDMI? No mention of bluetooth? What?

There’s a fairly important issue with this PC. It reportedly contains a single stick of 8GB DDR 3 1600 MHz RAM, which severely cripples this processor. For those not in the know, having a single stick means it only operates in single channel mode, which is vastly inferior to 4GB x 2 sticks, which would operate in dual channel mode. It effectively doubles the data rate of the RAM. This might not sound like a big deal, and for most applications, it’s not. But for gaming (3D performance), the AMD A series processors are incredibly memory dependent.

The motherboard on this PC supports dual channel mode memory up to 1866 MHz. You will get an extreme performance boost (especially in 3D applications and gaming) if you replace the internal single stick with 4GB x 2 of 1866 DDR3. Unfortunately, this costs about $70. You could, however, sell off the 8GB stick, which might fetch you $40 or $50 on ebay.

The 2 x 4GB sticks would have to be identical to safely operate in dual channel mode (and they have to be placed in the proper color-coded slots).

(In an unscientific example I just found, a game demo running on a Kaveri processor gave around 13 frames per second in 1600MHz single channel mode, but then gave 27 FPS with dual channel 1866 RAM. Most games will exhibit the same behavior, with framerates nearly doubling with the memory swap.)

The Kaveri processor in this PC is one of the best values out there for an all-in-one processor solution. You don’t need a separate video card for gaming, and if you make the upgrade to dual channel RAM, you’ll be able to play most games smoothly @ 1080, but on newer or more demanding games, you’d probably have to set the game to the lowest detail settings.

Now to editorialize: HP is a bunch of jerks for doing this. The motherboard has FOUR slots for memory. An 8GB single stick is only marginally cheaper than 4GB x 2 sticks, depending on various factors. So in order to save perhaps $5 per PC build, HP basically crippled 3D framerates by 50%. Either that or their system designers are absolute clowns and don’t know what they’re doing.

Couldn’t you just buy another 8gb stick and upgrade it to 16 gb of Ram? Wouldn’t this get you a significant “bump in performance” for ~ $50.

Note: I didn’t look up the specs, so flame me if the MB can’t support 16GB of ram.

Edit: New Egg has this thing for the same price:


In theory, yes. But you have to make sure to match the new 8GB stick with the current stick. Which means 1) you’ll only get 1600 speed instead of 1866. 1866 would provide a decent boost of maybe 10% depending on application. 2) Unmatched RAM running in dual channel mode can result in iffy performance. Things like CAS latency, voltage, etc are all variables in a RAM stick, and using different manufacturers isn’t wise.

Memory manufacturers purposely market dual channel kits with RAM sticks that are explicitly designed to pair up well.

Also, unless you’re doing some heavy duty multitasking or lots of video production, 16GB is overkill. Buying a matched 4GB x 2 kit, then selling off the 1600 8GB stick is the more economical solution, and the one that provides the better boost in performance along with a better chance of properly matching the RAM sticks and not having issues with timing issues.

Does anyone know if the Win 8.1 OS on this PC can be downgraded to Win 7?

Thanks for the helpful info – and it is very helpful – but, FWIW, the Newegg specs say this PC’s memory capacity is 8 Gb.

If you can provide some additional info . . . My gaming consists entirely of occasional bouts of playing Freecell or Solitaire. My heavy-demand stuff consists of Windows updates (in my experience enough to bring all but the most robust, late-model PC’s to their knees for extended periods)and photo editing using Photoshop Elements and/or Lightroom. Would this HP perform with comfortable speed for my needs even if I were to leave the 8 GB stick as is?

I just read yesterday that Microsoft is giving free Win 10 upgrade to anyone who has a Win 7 or 8.1 machine for the 1st year after Win 10 comes out. Of course whether Win 10 is any good even at free ? we will have to see!

“Capacity” in that context means what it’s equipped with. The system is capable of 32GB max. (4 slots x 8). (The info on the HP site confirms this)

For every use you described, you won’t have any performance issues using the included 8GB stick (both in terms of speed and capacity). The processor and RAM will be quite fast for those tasks. The issue crops up most noticeably in 3D performance.