HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD

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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Feb 11 to Monday, Feb 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmarks

We get to see three views of the front and zero views of the back. This is an average deal; nothing special. At least it has 8GB!

Is this pc good enough for gaming (BF4/CSGO/LoL/Hearthstone) + streaming or am I better off just building my own?

How do you know?

It just says, “8 DDR3 memory” in the write-up. (Yes, I cut-n-pasted it.)

8 what? Sticks of memory? Chips on the stick? A Chinese person thinking of 8, while writing this? (8 is considered a lucky number in China.)



Newegg on ebay has this for $10 more. Specs definitely look better than the similarly priced one woot! had yesterday. I might grab one, as I have been looking to get a new desktop.

This shows how mine (the i3) compares to this one, and the one they had yesterday.

Memory: 8GB DDR3 (PC3-12800) (Yes, I cut-n-pasted it.)

Chips on a stick. They should sell that.

What else would 8 mean? GB would always go between a number like 8 and DDR. Or that was a creative way of pointing out an omission.

Can’t reply to the gaming capability of this unit but I have found that it is hard to beat (or even match) the specs on most boxes these days for the same price by the time you buy the parts and the OS.
I have a similar unit (using it to write this) and it is a solid product that handles video editing etc well.
Nice to see the USB 3 ports up front (mine are on the top back of the front panel above the case, so slightly awkward to get to since you can’t see them). It is interesting that they didn’t choose to continue using the blue color scheme for the port that they were using in the past…
That being said, the one omission I see in the specs is no bluetooth… (No HDMI out is not a big deal since it is an easy correction with no loss of signal with the right cable)

If you do decide to build, just found this link on the side deals side of this site:

**get a copy of the Win7 64 bit Home Premium OS for 79.99 from Newegg with free upgrade to Win10 when it rolls out… **

Definitely… (funny how that immediatley made me think of a certain SNL Christmas bit with Justin Timberlake…)

Yeah… that last one…

Silly wooter. GBs are for kids.

Fixed so you can breathe now.

…which will, of course, confuse all those wooters that don’t diligently read ALL the posts…
Thanks TT!!

Would be nice if there were an expansion slot available to add a 2nd internal HDD.

Is it safe to assume that the 8GB of memory is 2x4GB sticks?

If you want the best performance-per-dollar, you’re almost always better building one yourself. A friend of mine just built one for $350 that has considerably better performance than this one, but he also got ridiculously good deals on most of his stuff.

That being said, this PC is VERY well priced. I have a similar machine I bought 2-3 years ago for $500. My processor is the A10-5700 which would give comparable performance (though noticeably slower) to this A8. I’m still gaming away without much worry; the only thing that has really pushed my CPU is video exporting, but that’s not something I do often, so it doesn’t really concern me.

Most of those games should play just fine on integrated graphics. However, as far as BF4 goes, you’re going to be hard-pressed to get it running well. While AMD has come a long way with integrated graphics, they’re still no match for dedicated cards. I would expect maybe a max of 30 FPS at lowest settings, and that may be optimistic.

I added a 750 TI to my machine (our processor’s TDP’s are the same and the PSU’s have the same max wattage), so I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do something similar. As long as the GPU has a TDP of 70 watts or less (most are over 100, though), you should be good. However, you’ll want to do research on this separately as there may be differences between the two machines that I am not noticing.

The 750 (TI or not) is essentially unmatched in performance-per-watt and has a very good performance-per-dollar rating as well. It’ll get you tolerable framerates in virtually any game you throw at it on mid-max settings.

Conclusion: if you don’t want to spend hours and hours researching parts for building your own PC, this is about the best deal I’ve seen for any PC users who don’t need extremely high levels of performance. As a disclaimer, the biggest risk is that it is “factory reconditioned” with only a 90 day warranty. If that is a risk you’re willing to take, I highly suggest this computer.

For Hearthstone, LoL this computer is plenty as it is. Streaming at anything higher than SVGA is going to induce some choke. If you’re looking for higher resolutions (native) for BF4 and CS:GO, you would need to throw in a ‘cheap’ PCIe Radeon R7 240 4GB card-

Here’s where it gets tricky; crossfire tends to be MUCH better for streaming when utilized with the APU series. Also; most of the R7 4GB cards will have no additional power requirements.

CSGO/ LoL/ Hearthstone definately! Not BF4. Get this and a GTX 750 TI and you will be able to play bf4 no problem. Streaming on this computer won’t be very good but it will still work.

Anyone know how loud the fan(s) on this PC are?

Could you explain this a bit more? I’m not sure I understand the point about having the right cable…the unit doesn’t have an HDMI output, correct?: “No HDMI out is not a big deal since it is an easy correction with no loss of signal with the right cable”