HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD

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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD
Price: $329.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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A 2nd Woot today?!? Tempted, but how do I know if this is a POC with just 2 comments from wooters?

The Internet awaits you!


A lot of 4-5 stars in the reviews. I read the 1 stars that complained a lot about Windows 8.1. Others complained about freezing, mostly hardcore gamers it looked like. Overall for home and office use, looks like a decent PC for the amount of tech in it.

I tend to shy away from AMD processors, since they tend to be slow. This one seems similar to an older Core i3: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i3-4130-vs-AMD-A8-7600, so it may be decent for the price - not great, but decent.

That it has 8GB RAM (PC3-12800) and 2TB HD (and bonus wifi) helps in the price comparison. It does not have HDMI, but it does have USB3.

Brand new at newegg for $10 more.

Probably fine depending on what you want to do with it. Limited to one PCI-Express 16 slot, so no SLI and memory is slow and not much of it, but if you’re going to upgrade it to 16 or 32gb and have just one video card, who cares. If you add much to it, you’ll need more than a 300w power supply. Again, for your average user that doesn’t care about any of that stuff, it’s a decent machine for medium gaming, office applications and surfing the web.

I bought one from woot last year it’s done every thing i asked it to do…email home office stuff…8.1 sucks but I can’t blame. HP for that.
For about $330 what more could you expect?
You don’t need a race horse to ride to work…

That’s a refurb, too. Look right below the item title.

Woot, you have to understand it is me, not you. Loading this page … all the ads … all the deals … it is just too much. I can’t wait for this many deals to load. I have to go now.

IT consultant here. While I haven’t used this particular model, I usually advise against purchasing consumer grade HP products in general. I’m firmly of the opinion that they use designs that they can’t get to work well enough for corporate sales for their consumer lines (eg, overheating issues, driver issues, parts quality issues, etc).

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