HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/2TB HD

Uh Oh. Why am I the only one that has bought one of these?

I don’t know, I was thinking of getting it too… should we be worried?

I am getting it for my father in law - light web use, word processing, normal digital camera use, etc.

Only a few negatives to me. I generally like intel processors, but with his use, AMD should be fine. Benchmarks are not the best, but it will be more than fine for what he does with a computer.

Wireless card is apparently not very good from reviews but he will be wired ethernet.

And it does not have HDMI connection - so I ordered a cheap DVI-d to HDMI adapter off eBay for $5 - if that doesn’t work he had VGA before and I can still use that.

It seems like a more than solid basic machine to me. Especially for the price.

Buy one so I’ll feel better!