HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop with 6GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive

6GB? Please.

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A used computer for over $400, pass

Looks like a good deal. Next cheapest I found was a refurb at Tech For Less @ $494, but that one only has a $500GB HD and shipping is HIGH. Oh, and there is 1 left in stock…

Note- it does come with a 22 inch monitor, though. No mention of the brand name.


For less than $450? Please. Show me another system with a similar configuration with more RAM.

I got one of these in a previous sale. I’ve had some problems with my sound card, and there were comments from others that had other (varied, often unrelated) problems.

Although it’s a nice computer (especially for the price), if you get this, you’ll want the warranty too.

Found the same version (refurb) on Amazon for ~$100 more. Link for that is Right Here!

Hello All. I don’t really know that much about computer hardware. Can someone tell me if this is a good deal/computer and why?

That 250W power supply scares me…

I bought a similar unit (sans the wifi) last year on Woot. This unit has performed admirably with no real issues.

I did have an overheating issue that was affecting video playback, but cleaning out the dust in the case, the CPU and GPU heat sinks and all fans, etc. brought it right back up to 100%.

For this price, I seriously doubt you can do better.

This is a pretty good computer the ram and the processor is very good. 6gb of ram is plenty.
It depends what you are using this computer for though also.
If you are going to use this game for gaming you should look into if you can upgrade the graphics card.
For just checking email, skype, etc… should be more then enough with the quad core cpu.

it has the expansion slot for a decent video card (the onboard integrated video card won’t do for most recent games) but can someone a little mor savvy than me tell me if that 250W power supply be adequate for the computer and a fan-cooled card?

Do HP desktops have the same overheating issues as their laptops?

Phenom II X4-820 processor:


AMD comparison and link


AMD 785G graphics chipset:

AMD page



it has a PCI Express 16x expansion slot for a good video card, but they can get pretty expensive, too. up to you

I just bought a HD camcorder on woot a week or two ago. I use Sony Vegas - any idea if this would be a good computer for editing HD video?

Your average computer only uses around 75-150 watts. The upper limit (250W) is only required when the computer is under full load, which rarely happens unless you game, and this computer is light years away from being a decent gaming machine. My computer, with its full ATX motherboard, quad core CPU, and 5 hard drives, still never pushes above 150 watts. What I would be scared about is not the amount of wattage the power supply can handle before overloading, but rather how well it provides a stable current to the machine and how efficiently it uses the power flowing through it. A computer like this will have a bottom of the barrel power supply. So yeah, be careful if you plan on using this for anything that will require it to be under full load for long periods of time.