HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop with 750GB Hard Drive & 6GB Memory

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screw mac. i wish i needed a computer, i would buy up in a second

Page with manuals, warranty, etc.:


edit: NightGhost saw it just before me. The above is one of the links off of the page he found.

This should be the product website, but I may be incorrect…

EDIT: ^ got to it before i did…

AMD is always lacking behind Intel, but its still a decent computer if your not a gamer or video/photo editor.

Power supply says 250w. Would this be enough to power a decent video card?



edit: despite some saying “new”, so far clicking through some of them in the Froogle, they have all been refurbs (edit: at least the cheaper ones).

Of course not. You’d need to swap the PSU out.

Mmmm…refurbed computer. Much like buying used underwear wouldn’t ya say?

I’ve been looking for a new computer, but the lack of expansion slots turns me away from this one.

my underwear came out of the trash

This does not come with a video card for a very good reason… It cannot handle even a small video card as the computers total power supply is 250 watts! What the frak are they thinking at HP? Everything else looks good on this machine well except for 2 USB at the 1.1 level instead of having them at 2.0 like the other 6.

And with only 250 watts of power, you will not have a loud motor noise nor loud fans… If it has two fans.

This is like putting a four cylinder Honda engine inside a military HumVee. Yeah it will get it running, but don’t expect it to get up to running speeds or handle any extra equipment. Come to think of it… If you actually put 6 or 8 items into the USB ports, that could shut it down or burn it out.

I’m going to guess these are refurbs from Office Depot, the only place I can find reviews, and they combine it with a monitor for $759.99 new (“An Office Depot exclusive”):

Edit: All 5 reviews are good, by the way.

Actually, I got my computer refurbished, off of Woot actually, and it’s the exact same computer I am typing on right now. I got it I think 2 years ago, and it works fine.

What is the antenna for?

Word to anyone thinking about using it for gaming: Athlons are basically bottom of the line for AMD desktop processors. If you’re looking for a gaming rig, go with at least a Phenom II

lets say I already have a good powersupply (like 650w) and videocard (PCIE 2.0 x16), would this motherboard be friendly to a little polygamyous matrimony to my two parts?

This is a quite a WONDERFUL deal… for several reasons… 6GB@DDR3, the 2.9GHz AMD Athlon II 635 Quad-Processor ( even though I’m not a HUGE fan of Advanced Micro Devices) is rather adequate for the necessary speeds for most production work, and the 750 GB HD… Man… what more ya gotta have?.. it’s kinda like PORK… piled high on a plate…

it has a PCIe 16x (mechanicle at least) and 3 PCIe 1x expansion slots, judging from the picture with the side panel off.

Not a bad deal if you don’t mind shelling out a couple more bucks for a non-integrated graphics card. If it had one, for this price - I’d jump on it.

I am sure this could handle most photo editing.

It can play older games and can be upgraded to play newer ones.

Many would argue that your statement about AMD is no longer accurate as they are increasingly being rated as a greater bang for your buck with their newer processors (do some Googling if you don’t believe me but I am not Nightghost so don’t expect links :).