HP Pavilion Quad Core Media Center PC

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished HP Pavilion Quad Core Media Center PC, for $549.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Pavilion m8330f AMD Phenom 2.2GHz Quad Core/3GB/640GB Desktop PC

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Not a bad price, but I would prefer a Q6600…

Froogled - $820

Amazon.com (New, not Refurbished) - $830

Amazon.com (Refurbished) - $655

eBay (active items) ~ $1100

eBay (completed items) ~ $570

Reviews from Amazon.com - 14 in total, 4 out of 5 stars

Is this a good deal?

I think so.

I think at dell I was getting a quad intel new computer for $699 and that doesn’t include tax. It included a 24" LCD also, but only single DVD-RW drive and roughly 250gb hd and the same 3gb ram.

Too bad it’s HP… I would have considered buying one and upgrading the video card.

Windows Vista…ugg. Now if it came with a retrofitted Windows XP then now we are talking…

I am so sure others have bought this in the past. It is by far certainly not new to woot.

What have been your experiences? HP is a pretty good company. I have had a mixed bag of results from Woot refurbs though. Anyone that has bought this and had little to no issues? other than regular PC issues I mean.

And without an internet connection none of the tuners will work, ATSC, FM, or otherwise. Be sure to get a vista compatible wifi adapter if you’re plugging this into the living room TV far far away from the reaches of your CAT 5



Hey, this is a pretty good deal. The video card is pretty good too, that never happens.

I really dislike the flood of “refreshened” computers that seem to be popping up a lot lately on Woot! Also, this particular one seems to be on the expensive side for what you get for the money. The store I work at had one almost identical to this with a 22" LCD monitor for only $150 more, and it was new. Also, no clear QAM support on the T.V. tuner card. I know that many of you are going to state that this is unnecessary however, more and more cable companies are beginning to use clear QAM as they convert over to digital. We have a smaller television that only has a NTSC/ATSC tuner and we cannot get the digital music channels, ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery, etc. like we can on the other televisions that have the clear QAM tuners.

A sad night for both Woot! and SellOut.Woot! I’m afraid, unless you like kitchen gadgets or used PC’s.

See you tomorrow Woot!

no…its actually a PCI-X video card installed.

Some reviews:


LOL institutionalized, by the suicidal tendencies. props to whoever wrote the description. incidntally, i know woot has given discounts based on random coupon codes. I can’'t afford this, but if you’re buying it you may want to try one or both of those at checkout. nothing to lose, right?

i think i will disagree with you…i have several different atsc tuners in different computers and they all work without an internet connection…explain why i am wrong, please

It’s not too difficult to install XP over Vista. You just need to find drivers. Sites like http://www.driveragent.com can be useful if you do that enough. Also having many licenses of XP around does hurt…

Wait, never mind my comment, I guess it’s only easy if you are already a tech person.

There aren’t many long reviews out there, so check out users’ reviews here


I bought a different model HP refurb (no, I didn’t use that term!) a bit over a year ago. It had XP, and worked ok, but the power supply made a buzzing noise under load. HP’s support was fairly helpful, and ended up sending a new PS to me (which I haven’t installed yet). This weekend, the HD crashed for no apparent reason. So I’m looking at Dell refurbs now. I look at this, think “hmmm…” then I slap myself. hard. I’m actually relieved it has Vista, to help me resist!

Who makes the TV tuner card?

I think the description writer is gonna have to be Institutionalized!