HP Pavilion Quad Core PC with 1TB Hard Drive

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HP Pavilion Quad Core PC with 1TB Hard Drive
$459.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Didn’t they sell out of these this afternoon? I guess another shippment came in.

250W power supply? Really?

What’s the video card on this? I probably just didn’t see it…

Weak power supply. Just bought a refurb lenovo K320 for under $400 with similar specs. (no wifi on the lenovo)

That is not a monkey.

I liked this better when it was an Asus.

Hi-Def audio… Lo-Def video… hmmmm

My rig has a 500 watt power supply in it, but it only consumes 150 watts at idle, and about 200 while gaming. So a 250 watt power supply isn’t too unreasonable.

Most likely that good for nothing onboard Intel nonsense

Helloooo Woot! What’s the point of giving a # for memory w/o giving the type? DDR? I wouldn’t be surprised, b/c a 250W power supply would roll over and die trying to run DDR3.