HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory

I just checked the price at a national store and Woot’s is better. Wish I needed another desktop!

Would this be any good as a “dummy” terminal just to stream movies from Netflix onto our big screen TV? Does it have (or need) an HDMI connection? Does it have a wireless connection or is that something that I’d have to buy (we don’t have hardwire connection near the TV).


Genius, Woot! I see you’re marketing to web developers such as myself :smiley:

Someone should make this into a shirt, then I could afford to buy it from Woot in order to show my appreciation.

I’m getting a kick out of all the comments from those who think that the description text is Latin.

No hdmi. Dealbreaker for me.

That description was terrible! It was just incomprehensible gibberish!

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I show the price in your newegg link as $439. New instead of refurb, but not cheaper.

There is no HDMI connection (you’d have to buy an add-on video card that had one). You could use the VGA output to connect it to a TV if your TV has a VGA input. But if all you want is a device to stream Netflix to your TV, I would suggest either a Roku player (I have 2 and they’re awesome…cheap, simple, and just get the job done) or a Blu-ray player with built-in wifi/streaming capabilities.

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If you’ve got $300 to blow and all you really want out of it is a way to stream Netflix to your TV, a PS3 or an Xbox 360 is the better way to go; the PS3 in particular thanks to its ability to play blu-ray movies, giving you two extra movie watching options in one box.

Oh yeah, and you’ll get a gaming system with that too. Funny thing, that…

HP eye candy video

I would like a slimline packaged desktop. At the moment I am pretty much maxed out with 4 Win7 machines… netbook, notebook and 2 desktops. Also a ubuntu notebook and a XP desktop and notebook.

It’s hard enough keeping all the OS and software updates applied as it is…

Especially when this offering has such mild specs.

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According to the specs:

Is this a typo? or does it really support two different kinds of memory?

I was one of those people. I get it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Methinks you read bdsisme’s post backwards, ivirto.

I use my Playstaion 3 to stream my Netflix videos (some of them are not offered in HD!). The PS3 is more compact and less expensive than this setup. You can also use a Nintendo Wii or XBox 360, but the beauty of the PS3 is that it’s also a Blu-Ray player and has wireless built in.

BTW, I RARELY use my PS3 for gaming, just playing movies and streaming Netflix.

About the processor:

AMD page

TechPowerUp review

Review links at cnet (see right side of page)

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