HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory


got a stronger one the other day

…and we’re back…

Whew! This should give me time to drive to work!

Decent price for the specs, but integrated graphics? eww

This post is win!

Product: 1 HP S5510F Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 2.8GHz AMD Athlon II, 3GB, 640GB, and Win 7 HP 64

Condition: Refurbished

$319.99 $5 shipping

I just picked this up, new, on Black Friday from Staples for $299.

I can feel my bowels moving already…

Looks nice, but I already have a computer.

Up next used woot server Commodore 64 with tape drive

Another slow one…

Boo! another craptastic computer…

After 3 days of constant Wooting, does anyone have $325 left to spend?

Wow, 90 lbs…

yes but not on this…

i only wish… keep the tape drive, i will buy the 1581 drive from sellout

As a non computer guy, the question I have is: Will it run Starcraft 2?