HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory


Not a huge fan of AMD, but still a decent price for the machine.

bad bad bad

my two year old laptop > this.

here we go !

About the same price at Staples this week.

Wish i can foresee whats going to come … badly need Philips USB car charger that was on woot few days back

video card suxs

What? Nobody needs a new PC?

For the average emailing, internet surfing, music downloading, video streaming user, this is more then enough. Will it do creative media stuff? Probably not. But for the average joe, this will do for a couple years at least. At this price, thats all you can expect.

Someone bought one!

I still don’t trust HP, especially refurbished units after my last experience with one that came with its CPU heat-sink completely clogged with a layer of dust.

its old… video card sucks

new yes, not this 2 year old thing. heck mine is over 2 years old and is better than this one.

Great for email

come on guys buy it))

im on a hp… i hate my laptop.

dang ppl buying this lol and i thought u could go to bed

THAT did it…
killed Bags of crap dot com’s servers!!!