HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory

3gb of memory (max 4gb) is simply not enough to run Win 7 efficiently.

Maybe for $219 I would grab for my kid

the one for sale at staples is a little better… almost the same price!


Buy it guys I feel closer to my monkey and USB lights already.

I sure hope you are kidding. 3gb is far more than enough to run Windows 7. Its even plenty to run Vista.

I need new lights, only one of mine spins sad

I’ve seen pc’s with 2gb of memory run windows 7 efficiently. It’s not the memory hungry Vista. For the average user, this is sufficient.

wait? one can RUN Windows Vista???
or even walk it?

serious?? 3 hundo??

hahaha. I am not sure anything can RUN Vista. Vista is an embarrassment to the Windows support community.

What are ya’ll using for a tracker? Wooters.us is busted up bad.

Not near as bad as ME was though, man I hated supporting (and by supporting I mean providing tech support) for that one.

Aside from Vista being slow, inefficient and buggy when it was first released, it also started implementing security policies that should have been enforced all along with previous Windows OS’s. This caused poorly programmed software (like everything Intuit writes, medisoft, Act, etc) that wrote data to its program files directory to fail. Vista got a horrible reputation because it was ‘incompatible’ with older software. The reality is that the older software should have been written correctly to begin with and shouldn’t have been writing user data to program directories. Some companies, like MediSoft, STILL haven’t made the adjustments and they insist that you install their software OUTSIDE of the program files folder even on Windows 7, thus allowing themselves for easier virus/malware exploits…

So glad M$soft got it right, for the most part, with Windows 7.

Amen to that. I almost forgot about that hideous excuse for an operating system that ME was. I was at the launch, and when it blue screened trying to do a system restore, I knew we were in trouble. Ugg.

Only one of my USB powered woot! off lights still spins :frowning:

Maybe it’s tryin to tell you somthing. :wink:

Bagsofcrap.com and Wootalyzer (download) are both working well for me.

For $5 more (when you consider shipping) you get a brand new PC with 1 yr. warranty instead of refurbed/90 days plus a faster processor (3.2ghz instead of 2.8ghz), mobo accepts up to 8gb RAM and it has better video. The Staples deal blows this one out of the water.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Wake me up when this one is over.

almost done

one more and then bedtime